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    Tuesday, September 5, 2017

    TV Host to LP: "They're so obsessed with death"

    Mike Acebedo Lopez, a political communications professional, TV host, also a former senior government official and columnist, recently published a Facebook post that is wary of the necro-political scheme initiated and has long been practiced by the primary opposition force in the country, the Liberal Party (LP) also referred to as the “Yellows”.

    In his post, Lopez emphasized the idea that the LP is the only political party in the Philippines that has mastered the art of death as a platform to political stardom and success referred to as “political necrophilia”. Given that, Lopez described the forefronts of the said party, and generally the whole yellow coalition, as “death-lovers”.

    “The LPs surely love death; whether it’s Ninoy’s, Cory’s, Jesse’s, and now, Kian’s, they always see death as a most invaluable resource, whether it can be had as a matter of destiny or perhaps by engineered design, whatever the case, it is an integral ingredient for their political success and survival.” Lopez claimed.

    Lopez then criticized Vice President Leni Robredo claiming that her political success is merely a result of this so-called “political necrophilia”. That is, almost three years after the death of her husband, the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, she successfully paved her way into the vice presidency. For that, Lopez described Robredo as a loyal LP subject who passively submitted herself into the death-induced political propaganda of the Liberal Party.

    “Leni followed LP’s script to a tee and it brought her places. So yeah, I do not blame her for trusting in the other entries found in the Liberal Party playbook…

    Imagine, just months after her husband’s untimely death, she almost instantly found herself in the august halls of Congress….And just three years after that, she is vice president (albeit with a questionable mandate). And so, because of these past successes, her and every other Liberal Party member’s obsession with death has grown into a certified addiction.” Lopez asserted.

    The TV host posited that the Liberal Party has grown considerable fondness towards death that aside from the passing-by of their beloved ones, they had went overboard and even started to capitalize on the deaths of victims of extra-judicial killings. An eminent example would be the previous case of Kian Lloyd delos Santos, a 17 year-old boy from Caloocan killed during a drug operation.

    “Fast-forward to the death of 17-year-old Kian delos Santos in the hands of erring cops. It was really just a matter of time before Leni and Risa showed up to shed their crocodile tears….Like clockwork, Leni, Risa and their LP propaganda machinery ramped up support for their pathetic cause of pinning the blame on Duterte…Here comes another death; after all, a minor’s death is a major development, a golden opportunity, especially if you’re Yellow.” Mike Lopez added presumptively. 

    Given their expertise of handling death and capitalizing on such untoward events, it has been expected that the Yellow coalition will take advantage of the incident to further their political objective of destabilizing the government with an ulterior goal of ousting the incumbent President Duterte. Describing Kian as a “fulcrum” of the Yellows’ news exercise of political necrophilia, Lopez wrote that:

    “[Kian] was to become their rallying point, the fulcrum of their “tama na, sobra na, palitan na” back to Edsa game plan for the next few days and weeks…He was their saint, martyred so they’ve an icon to revere as they preach their righteousness onto this sinful land cursed with a bloodthirsty Herod for its leader.” 

    However, in the most unexpected manner, while the oligarchs is on their full swing to iconize Kian’s death, a sudden tipping point emerged leading to huge slap on LP’s faces. That is, the recent meeting of Kian delos’ Santos parents with the President. And surprisingly (basically for the LP), Kian’s parents met eye-to-eye with the president thereby making the LP and its momentous scheme a blunder. Wanting to save their blemished faces, the Liberal Party pettily painted Kian’s parents black by implicitly claiming that they had sold out their son’s death in exchange of money.

    “But just when they thought they had everything figured out, just when they’ve gone full swing on their anti-Duterte offensive, they were in for one big shock. Kian’s parents themselves wanted to meet with the President and his mother even asked if she could hug him…

    “You see, this is what happens when you know your son’s death is being exploited, used to the hilt by desperate politicians. All the epalness has backfired. And what a sudden turn of events. Suddenly the Yellows who championed Kian and his folks have turned on them and have since accused them of selling out. So you only fight for them if they follow your script? Standard Yellow hypocrisy at play.” Lopez affirmed pointing out LP’s hypocrisy.

    Going back to his discussion on LPs necro-political fetish, Lopez rhetorically and sarcastically concluded his post by pointing out that given the failure faced by the yellows about the sudden turn out of events concerning Kian’s death, the obvious possible resort would be to capitalize on another infamous death. Who else would have the most iconic necrology than VP Leni?

    “Since they’re so obsessed with death, while Duterte is surely their comeuppance, Leni herself appears to be the final nail in the Yellow coffin. My condolences.” Lopez ended.

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