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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    Trillanes: A blabber-mouthed and unproductive senator?

    “Thank God for Trillanes”

    That was the sarcastic headline of a highly speculative article published in Manila Times.Net by one of the most distinguished and established journalists of today, Rigoberto D. Tiglao. Filled with frustration-founded criticisms, the journalist slammed Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for his notable failure and unproductiveness in the senate.

    “Antonio Trillanes by his record and behavior is convincing Filipinos, finally, that this institution with the misnomer of the “Senate”—from the Latin senatus, or assembly of “wise old men”—has become so moribund it should be abolished.” Tiglao started.

    Enumerating the senator’s failures and mishaps during his considerable stay in the senate, Tiglao affirmed that Trillanes indeed that deviated from the revered characteristic of the significant legislative body he is into.

    “By his insolence even towards his colleagues, his exploitation of the Senate’s halls for his character assassination contracts, his bullying of citizens called by the body for information, and his arrogance—and all without the compensating quality of intellectual competence—Trillanes has demonstrated that this once revered institution has become helpless before demagogues and scoundrels.” Tiglao stated.

    Furthering his criticisms against the senator, the journalist, obviously frustrated by the performance and execution of the senator, emphasized on the negative aspects or characteristics of the “blabber”outhed" Trillanes.

    “He is noisy, spreads lies, and badmouths people who are respected by Filipinos… I can’t think of any senator in our history as obnoxious as Trillanes, even as he doesn’t have any intellectual or oratorical brilliance… He is a brat, the prototype of the egotistical millennial who thinks it will be merely a matter of time before he becomes President.” Tiglao described unhesitant. 

    The journalist also tackled the Oakwood coup attempt initiated by Trillanes in 2003 against former president, now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo which consequently put him behind bars. Pointing out the significant role of the Liberal Party in assuring Trillanes’ victory in 2007 Senatorial elections, Tiglao implicitly blamed the “Yellows” for instigating a senatorial position to a highly unqualified coup plotter.

    ” Trillanes launched the Oakwood coup attempt in 2003, stupidly believing that political leaders and the people would support obscure and insignificant captains and colonels, and would make him a member of what would have been the Philippines’ first junta. He surrendered in a day’s time, and was thrown in jail…Instead of rotting in prison, he got to be elected as senator in 2007, the result of the Yellow Media’s romanticization of him as the young rebel against a President demonized as corrupt by the Yellow Cult and the secret massive financial massive support of Mar Roxas,” explained Tiglao.

    Wrapping up his speculations and criticisms Tiglao concluded his article with a possible footnote descriptive of the tragedy Senator Trillanes would cause the respected senate-body. Stating that the blabber-mouthed senator will infamously be accounted into Philippines’ senatorial history, Tiglao finally ended his post still wary of the senator.

    “Trillanes though would certainly have a place in our history. He will be in a footnote that reads: “The Senate was abolished in 2019 through a constitutional amendment, supported by an overwhelming majority of Filipinos, who felt that there should no longer be such a venue for an odious politician like Antonio Trillanes 4th.” Tiglao ended.

    Source: Manila Times

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