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    Saturday, September 9, 2017

    READ: Trillanes deceives the whole nation?

    "Trillanes is an issue-maker, a story teller, a deceitful senator."

    That’s how Greco Belgica, a distinguished radio broadcaster and an outspoken Duterte ally described Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in his recently published Facebook status. The post arose after a controversial senate hearing attended by Presidential son and son-in-law Paolo Duterte and mans carpio respectively.

    What seems to be the controversy during the hearing was the groundless allegations and claims of senator Trillanes against the members of the Duterte family. Such allegations, as how critics described, were baseless and unproven. One significant claim expressed by the senator during the said hearing was the alleged involvement of Davao City Vice Mayor to the Chinese transnational organized crime syndicate, TRIAD.

    Such accusation, triggered Belgica to comment and speculate.

    “Tatoos can not prove anything or VM Duterte's connection with Triad. Pwedeng ginawa lang ng kung sino yun. And it can mean a thousand different things. It can not directly connect his allegation of Pulong's connection to corruption in customs which was the issue neither can it prove Pulong is involved with Triad.” Belgica asserted.

    Claiming that such allegations fired by Trillanes only fired him back, Belgica described that Trillanes is indeed a propagandist, a desperate opposition member who makes fun of himself by making groundless accusations to his political nemesis. Thus, Belgica exclaimed that it is only rightful to expel the blabber-mouthed senator from the highly respected senate he has continuously degraded and mocked.

    “What the hearing proved is that he was making up stories. Niloloko nya ang buong bayan.

    Trillianes had no evidence. His main purpose was propaganda. Pag mukaing masama si Pulong and connect it to the President. Purely lies and hearsay. Nakakahiya. Nanloloko. Expel na yan!” Belgica ended.

    Source: Greco Belgica

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