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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    Prominent lawyer to Trillanes: "The Senator that caused the Filipinos so much anger"

    Atty. Bruce V. Rivera, a prominent lawyer and an outspoken supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, had published a particular Facebook post wary of one of the most highly scrutinized Philippine senator, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

    In the said post, Rivera pointed out the flaws of the senator. That is, instead of conducting beneficial undertaking for his people and his country, Senator Trillanes according to Rivera had remained as an “attack dog” of the oppositionthereby causing more turbulence than gains. 

    Furthermore, the critic claimed that this unfavorable impression Trillanes has painted for himself, would surely cause failure in his future electoral pursuits.

    “TRILLANES SHOULD KNOW THIS. Instead of becoming the attack dog of the Liberal Party or anybody who has money to spare, why would he just spend his last days as a public servant building bridges instead of making a fool of himself. He should know that he has absolutely NO chance of winning any election in the near future. People like me will insure that no Filipino will forget him enough for them to stay away from everything he touches.” Rivera claimed.

    Following his post, Rivera then mentioned the need to abolish the Senate. He claimed that Trillanes so-called “sabotaged” the once revered identity of the senate causing the powerful law-making body to lose the legacy established by its brilliant predecessors. For that reason, Rivera asserted that Trillanes given all his shortcomings will never get re-elected for senate.

    “This is the only time in history that many of us, the ordinary citizen actually believe that the Senate has served its purpose and has to be abolished. For me, only a fool wants to be Senator or someone who would want to get elected so they can close it down. 

    It is unfair that the likes of Trillanes will ruin the legacy of the likes of Mitra, Flavier, Fernan and many before him but the grim reality is that Trillanes has single-handedly ruined the Senate. And for good reason, he will never be Senator again so might as well diminish it.” Reivera reiterated.

    “Before, talk of a RevGov or Federalism or Full Powers for the President will be met with indignation even from pro-Duterte supporters but after the series of borderline psychopatic stunts by this man as supported by his equally heartless cohorts, the idea now seems palatable even to hardliners.” Rivera added still criticizing the despised senator.

    Conclusively, Rivera mentioned about the so-called “Trillanes legacy”. According to him, Trillanes will be infamously remembered by the Filipino citizenry as someone who anguished the people with his inefficiency and apathy.

    “And maybe that will be the Trillanes legacy. He will be the Senator that caused the Filipinos so much anger, we decided to take down the Senate because we realized that it is only a system as rotten as what we have now that allows a Senator to be such an asshole even assholes call him an asshole...Force the issue, Senator Trillanes. Many of us are waiting for 2019 when you will just be citizen Sonny and give you a dose of your own bitter pill.” Rivera ended.

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