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    Saturday, September 2, 2017

    MUST READ: Political analyst’s open letter to anti-drug war loyalists

    Antonio P. Contreras, a political analyst and an established journalist for the Manila Times, recently published a Facebook post, embodying his open letter addressed to the full-pledged opposition members against President Duterte’s war on drugs and also those who believe that there still are better solutions to resolve the drug menace in the country.

    In the said letter, the analyst challenged the allegiants of the opposition forces to show and present their well-thought of plan to effectively address the drug-problem of the country aside from the operation Tokhang implemented by the current administration.

    DLSU Professor Antonio P. Contreras then explained a convincing scenario or instance which these anti-drug war critics could undertake to finally and officially prove that there indeed are better ways to solve the drug-induced problems of the country. The conditionalities expressed by Contreras were also included in the said open letter.

    To grasp a better understanding of Contreras’ post and to relate to his sentiments and exposition, affixed in the succeeding paragraph was the exact copy of Contreras’ open letter. His letter reads:

    “To all of my friends who are against the drug war and sincerely believe that there is a better alternative

    Dear Friend,

    I respect your vehement opposition to the current strategy being taken by the President in his war on drugs. You say that there is a better way to deal with the problem other than Tokhang. Now, I am urging you to show him and all those who support him that there is an alternative that can work.

    I ask you then, working individually or in partnership with others who share your view, or through an organization, to identify a drug dependent person in your locality and become the guardian of that person. Your role is to apply whatever strategy you believe would work as an alternative to what the police authorities are doing. In exchange for such is the promise that for the duration of your guardianship you are free to avail of technical assistance from government in the form of training and access to medical and psychological facilities that you may need to perform your duty as guardian. 

    During the same period, the drug dependent under your care will be taken off the watch list of the police, and he or she will not be targetted for any police operations.

    However, in the event that the drug dependent under your guardianship commits a crime, that you are willing to be impleaded and be charged with being an accessory to the crime through negligence.

    Let us all go beyond criticizing. Let us begin helping each other solve the drug problem.

    A fellow citizen who is concerned about the drug problem in our country.” Antonio Contreras ended.

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