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    Friday, September 15, 2017

    MUST READ: Netizen exposed true story on CHR's lack of concern on past human rights issues

    In connection to the recent controversy faced by the Commission on Human Rights, several critics expressed their respective opinions. Some criticize the House of Representatives for voting for the CHR’s P1,000.00 budget allocation. Some, on the other hand, express conformation with the Congress’ decision claiming that the CHR under its current chairman Chito Gascon, rightfully deserves the budget.

    One of those who shared the same sentiments as the latter was netizen Lourdes De Las Cagigas. In her particular Facebook post, Cagigas shared her significant experiences concerning the Commission on Human Rights. Pointing out that her attempts to solicit support from the commission regarding several human rights issues, Cagigas expressed her utmost frustration to the CHR.

    “Ako ang harapin ni Gascon. I filed several complaints of illegal detention, warrantless arrests, no due process of detainees in BID Camp Bagong Diwa, detained only on the strength of an order and the signature of Delima. ( the BID and DOJ acted as judge, jury and executioner) Never was investigated! (innocents are still detained) I filed several complaints rights of women and children violated, for months I followed it up with Atty. TWYLA RUBIN of CHR, nothing happened!” Cagigas initially stated.

    Cagigas then asserted that the CHR deserves the P1,000.00 budget allocation. “So they do deserve the 1k budget” claimed she. Cagigas also cautioned Senator Panfilo Lacson to refrain from defending the CHR by reminding the senator of his past shortcoming. Explaining the said past account, Cagigas wrote that:

    “If Senator Lacson tries to overturn it, let me remind him that a wife of a detainee, illegally detained.. 

    "...whose rights and that of her children are continually violated when they have to undergo a STRIP SEARCH, mind you a strip search not a body search every time they visit their loved one went personally to appeal to him in his office, he did nothing, never even investigated.... ngayon sya pa ang magdedefend sa CHR... taengna nya! When the same woman's minor child contracted meningitis and incurred a 3.2M peso hospital bill and couldn't pay because her husband is illegally detained again she appealed to the office of Sen. Lacson because the hospital was keeping him hostage and refused to release him without payment.... AGAIN HE DID NOTHING, CHR DID NOTHING.” Cagigas explained.

    Revealing how the issue was resolved, Cagigas narrated that shortly after she raised the concern to the Public Attorneys’ Office, the children was finally discharged from the hospital. Cagigas then shared another significant human rights issue which, again, was not given proper attention by the CHR.

    “The PNP raided the detention facility last 2016, (did their christmas shopping) confiscated cash , cell phones, computers and other personal belongings of detainees (no contraband was found) again i filed a complain to the CHR, nothing, we appealed to media, nothing."

    "Only the warden at that time moved to secure the "confiscated" items back from the raiding team , he succeeded in getting back some of the items but not all and definitely no cash... and what did he get for being upright? The gratitude of the detainees and he was removed from his position as warden by Commissioner Morente!” Cagigas frustratingly claimed.

    Before concluding her post, Cagigas added a factual information on the detainees of Camp Bagong Diwa. Claiming that a huge portion of the OFW detainees were crimeless, Cagigas expressed her utmost disappointment and enragement. 

    “Btw for the info of everyone, most , not all but a huge percentage of detainees of camp bagong diwa are crimeless, they are being detained for mere overstaying! We rave and rage as a nation when our ofws are detained or maltreated, or filipino tnt's are being deported yet we allow our govt to detain, imprison for years innocents....” Cagigas asserted.


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