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    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    LOOK: Prominent writer lambasted Duterte haters


    That’s how Krizette Laureta Chu described the haters of the current Duterte administration. Chu, is one of the most distinguished pro-Duterte critics of today and is a well-known writer as well. She is an outspoken supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and is constantly making a mark in the social media domain, particularly Facebook.

    In her recent Facebook post, Chu scrutinized the members of the anti-Duterte coalition nitpicking on their ignorance about the status of the country before Duterte assumed office. That is, every single problem Duterte is so ardent in resolving since his administration commenced were all aftermaths of the ineffective and passive administration of his predecessor, former president Benigno Aquino iii.

    “YUNG TOTOO, WALA KAYONG ALAM. Many, maybe even most, Duterte haters lived in a bubble--as in didn't follow the news, as in weren't politically active before Duts took over, as in were happy with the way things were going, as in walang alam. They think they woke up to a "bad" Philippines under Duterte. They thought everything was beautiful during Pnoy's time.” Chu initially claimed in her post.

    The presumption expressed by Chu was then followed by a series of rhetorical questions that reveals or exposes the unemphasized flaws of the previous administration. These shortcomings, as how Chu had written on her post, are concrete justifications proving that even before Duterte took his oath to the presidency, significant problems, issues, and controversies had already overruled our country. 

    “Do they know, for instance, that in 2015, the Philippines was tagged as the country with the highest impunity rates in the 2015 Global Impunity Index by the Impunity and Justice Research Center of the University of the Americas Puebla? Impunity--getting away with murder, exemption from punishment. 

    Do they know that in his speeches, Aquino promised the end of extrajudicial killings? Which means there really were EJKs, real ones at that?

    Do they know that in 2014, the HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH said many of the killings in the Ph were politically motivated, and many killings were never solved?

    Do they know that in September of 2015, the executive director of a school, along with two other lumads were allegedly killed by members of the Magahat-Bagani, an alleged paramilitary group linked with the AFP? 

    Do they know that Chito Gascon's predecessor Etta Rosales has long hated Duterte and carries a grudge, because Duterte once told her, "YOUR NAME IS ON JANET NAPOLES's LIST FOR THOSE WHO ASKED FOR CASH ADVANCE." This was when Duterte was still a Mayor. Yes, Duterte has dirt on many of the past admin's people. Yes, they still want to make Duterte pay for what he knows. 

    Do they know that Duterte threatened the rice smugglers when he was the Mayor of Davao, and said, if they don't get out I will kill them? And Etta Rosales and the CHR sided with the smugglers because Duterte shouldn't say anything like that?

    Do they know military brutality is not new, see: PALPARAN, and was infamous during the time of GMA and was largely ignored by AQUINO? When leftists--Students-- were killed and tortured?

    So bale, ok lang dati? Kahit edad ni Kian? Do you even know the names of the two girls who disappeared?

    Do they know there were "massive detention of political prisoners, abductions and enforced disappearances, summary executions, extra-judicial killings, hamletting and forced displacement and various forms of political persecution which continued unabated?"

    Do they know there were "Unresolved cases of the killings of Church people under the Aquino Administration, such as Rabenio Sungit, Benjamin Bayles, Bro. Wilhelm Geertman, Datu Jimmy Liguyan and Fr. Fausto Tentorio, PIME, which have become the epitome of negligence by the Aquino admin and human rights violations done with impunity?"

    Do they know uso ang tinatawag na "whitewashing" during Aquino's time, wherein the offenders like police and military were investigated by, TADAH, the police and military themselves, 
    along with DOJ of Leila de Lima?” Chu asserted expositively exposing the already-rotten system in the Philippines prior to the succession of Duterte to Aquino’s presidency.

    Chu also mentioned a particular Administrative Order enforced under Aquino’s administration which establishes or creates an interagency task force to deal with extra-judicial killing issues of the country. The comical aspect was that, members of teh said task force were no different from the ones they are tasked to investigate on. That is, both the investigators and the suspects were all members of the Philippine forces thereby making investigation transparency and objectivity questionable.

    “There was an Administrative Order No. 35, s. 2012 of the Aquino administration, which created an interagency task force on extrajudicial killings, torture, and enforced disappearances, among others. So sila sila lang din nag imbestiga ng sarili nilang tao.” Chu speculated.

    The Commission on Human Rights was also not absolved from Chu’s criticisms. She pinpointed the lack of concern of the CHR on several human rights issues concerning state officials during the Aquino administration. Comically, Chu mentioned the considerable emphasis given by the CHR on the petty issue concerning a teen-age girl dancing in a former noontime show.

    “O akala ko ba importante Ang CHR? Bakit hindi din ginamit masyado nung time ni Aquino? Bakit Hindi kasama sa pag imbestiga ng mga tiwaling pulis at militar? Bakit yung mga kaputahang iniimbestigahan yung pagsayaw ng bata sa Wowowee?” Chu claimed sarcastically.

    Highlighting the idea that ignorance is the major opponent of the country, Chu established how ignorance could hamper the sound development and improvement of our country. Implicitly urging the people to free themselves from the chains of ignorance, Chu conclusively stated that anti-Duterte haters are “blinded” by the works of the previous administration of which they failed to look at the current status-quo objectively.

    “No, these haters woke up and thought the world was perfect before Duterte. They thought nobody died. They thought Aquino and the CHR protected their rights. Our enemy is their ignorance. The stumbling blocks of progress is an ignorant population who had it so good, the peeling back of layers of this current administration is a shock to their systems. And now they want us to be as blind as them. Mga hunghang.” Chu ended.

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