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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    LOOK: Journalist reveals the media’s propagandist nature?

    A spin, in journalism, refers to a particular twist or slant in news reporting. It is a specific strategy enforced by journalists or any media entity for that matter to divert the focus of a particular issue. That is, defined as an implicit expression of journalistic bias, a willful omission or deflection or even modification of facts to serve the ulterior motives or goals of the media entity.

    That particular jargon, was the focus of the Facebook post published by Jojo A. Robles. He is one of the notable critics of today and a distinguished writer as well. In the said post, Robles criticized the media for their blatant practice of “spinning away” in terms of their news presentation and reporting. Such concern is so prevalent that it would leave people question the real intention of media.

    “SPINNING AWAY. Some media outlets are so busy twisting the news that you wonder if they're in the business of reporting it or turning it into propaganda.” Robles started.

    To exemplify his assumption, Robles explained three separate and distinct cases that shows or present how the media apply the concept of “spin” in their news reporting. The three cases tackled by Robles were as follows:

    “CASE 1: The PET acts to focus the Marcos protest on the manual recount, orders retrieval of ballots. The media spin says Bongbong loses a round by limiting the protest to the recount and "upholding integrity of 2016 polls."…

    CASE 2: Pulong Duterte and Mans Carpio are appearing at the Senate tomorrow because Dick Gordon allows it after Trillanes makes a verbal motion. The media reports that Trillanes is being victimized and suppressed….

    CASE 3: The Marcos family sets 100th birth anniversary rites at Libingan. Headline writer says its going to be a "party" at the cemetery.”

    As implied by the three situations presented above, there seems to be two different sides of the story: the objective fact and the modified or slanted facts. The former is what media personalities and organization must uphold in their news reporting. Consequently, however it appears that the latter is the conventional mode employed by most, if not all, of our media practitioners. And that, according to Robles makes the media more of a propagandist than a society’s watchdog.

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