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    Friday, September 15, 2017

    LOOK: Edwin Lacierda challenges PRRD to sign bank waivers

    Edwin Lacierda, former member of the Presidential Cabinet and spokesperson of then President Benigno Aquino III, published a speculative Facebook post implicitly criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte for his refusal to sign a bank waiver.Asking for transparency and accuracy, Lacierda accounted Senator Antonio Trillanes’ previous signing of more than 12 bank waivers. 

    Challenging the President to “man up” and reciprocate Trillanes’ actions, Edwin Lacierda wrote:

    “Mr. President, you refused to sign a bank waiver during the campaign to show your transaction history and even up to now, despite after having Sen. Trillanes refuted your claims, signed no less than 12 bank waivers and challenged you to man up and do the same.”

    Challenging the president, Lacierda quoted the words of Foreign Affairs Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano. Pointing out that Cayetano is then vice presidential running mate of President Duterte, Edwin Lacierda nitpicked on the devious refusal of the president to reveal his monetary transactions and current financial status.

    “However you (referring to President Duterte) justify your refusal to sign even one bank waiver, let me leave you the words uttered by no less than your vice presidential candidate and now, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Chief Hospitality Officer for the Chinese Empire, CHO Alan Peter Cayetano Tze.” Lacierda stated.

    Affixed in Lacierda’s post is a photo containing the quoted words from DFA Secretary Cayetano. His statement, emphasized by Lacierda to be neglected by the President, reads:

    “It's very simple. If candidates have nothing to hide, they'll have no problem signing the document. 

    But if they refuse to sign, they not only betray their sincerity in fighting corruption, it also puts to serious question how they accumulated their wealth" claimed Sec. Allan Peter Cayetano.

    “Here are Cayetano’s memorable words that I hope will burn with zeal in your heart.” Asserted Edwin Lacierda 
    former member of the Presidential Cabinet and spokesperson of then President Benigno Aquino III rhetorically and sarcastically.

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