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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    LOOK: Edwin Lacierda called Alvarez a petty, ignorant House speaker

    The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) headed by Chairman Chito Gascon, was recently overwhelmed by the result of the previously concluded hearing in the House of Representatives. That is, after the HoR voted for the P1,000 budget for the commission in its 2018 appropriation. Frustrated by the untoward decision, several human rights activists and concerned Filipino citizens commented on the issue criticizing the legislative body for their lack of care and concern for the Commission on Human Rights.

    Edwin Lacierda, a former member of the Philippine Cabinet and Presidential Spokesperson of former president Benigno Aquino III, commented on the controversy. Expressing his disappointments on the Philippine congress directly criticizing Hon. Pantaleon D. Alvarez, current speaker of the House, for his lack of consideration, Lacierda published a Facebook post wary of the HoR speaker.

    “My most illustrious, my most brilliant, my most eloquent Speaker Alvarez,” Lacierda began his post sarcastically.

    Affixed herewith is the remaining content of Lacierda’s Facebook status/open letter directly addressed to Speaker Alvarez. Lacierda’s post reads:

    “When you lectured the public that the CHR was not performing its job and deserved to have their budget slashed, I thought you were just being true to form in your belief that next to the president, you are the most powerful person in the country who can say any asinine statement but still smell fragrant and be answerable to no one.

    But when your House henchmen proceeded to execute your power crazed desire, I realized that you and your stormtroopers do not have any regard at all for human rights. 

    You hate the CHR not because it was not doing its job. You hate the CHR because it was precisely doing its job, putting itself out as a stumbling block and doing a nearly impossible task of investigating the unmitigated killings that are no longer just statistics of more than 12,000 dead but now have faces and names to the numbers.

    One dead Kian, his few last minutes alive caught on CCTV, a bound and wrapped Reynaldo with 30 stab wounds. Like 30 pieces of silver, each cut a betrayal of the police's oath to serve and protect. These are the deaths that have now gained notoriety. 

    But for the CHR, these recent deaths have only been the latest of a long line of deaths that they have been quietly investigating without much public support, and much worse, with a budget that can barely cope with the magnitude of the murders. 

    And when the CHR showed its independence though its Chairman, Chito Gascon, you were displeased. Especially after seeing him made mincemeat of the Rock of PNP, Bato de la Rosa who cried but failed to squeeze sympathy from the public.

    The CHR has a budget nowhere near the size of your institution. And yet, with hubris, you decided to further cut it down, to destroy an institution which seeks to preserve and defend human rights.

    Mr. Speaker, when you decided to reduce the budget of CHR to 1,000 pesos, you did not show your wisdom nor that of the House, you showed only arrogance and pettiness. 

    And as a fellow Atenean lawyer called to serve and to be a man for others, I am ashamed. As we all must” Lacierda concluded his post leery of House of Representative speaker, Hon. Pantaleon Alvarez.

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