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    Friday, September 15, 2017

    Gordon expresses disagreement on the Congress’ P1,000 budget allocation for CHR

    In the official Facebook page of Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon, the senator’s official statement was published. The statement revolves around the collective decision of the House of Representative to grant the Commission on human Rights a budget worth P1, 000 for 2018. In the said post, Senator Gordon expressed his disagreement on the unanimous decision of the Congress. 

    Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon emphasized on the significance of the Commission on Human Rights as a government agency and as a constitutional body directly coordinated with several international organizations and entities.

    “I do not agree that we should provide a budget of P1,000 to the Commission on Human Rights. The CHR is a constitutional body and is a signatory to the International Human Rights concordant of the United Nations." Gordon expressed initially.

    Explaining the roles of the Commission, Gordon wrote that it is rightfully appropriate for the commission to be neutral in all their public endeavours to avoid being in conflict with the government.

    They may not agree with the government all the time but that is their role - to expose possible abuses. And we should embrace that. It also behooves the human rights commission to project a neutral stand in all their statements and appearances,” the Senator added.

    Gordon also pointed out the biased perception concerning the members and officials of the CHR. That is, the public notion that the cHr employees, particularly its chairman, Chito Gascon are explicitly allies of the previous Aquino administration. Yet, the senator expressed that CHR, despite being criticized still has his support.

    “It is not easy for the CHR at this time because most of the appointees thereat are perceived, rightly or wrongly, to be members or former members of a political party. I support the CHR and pray that all of us will support it, not only for form but because it is always needed. There are always things that they can remind the government of, for any possible abuse.” Gordon asserted.

    Expressing his own view as to why majority of the Congress failed to veto on the overwhelmingly minute budget allocation for the CHR. The decision, according to Gordon, might probably be a some sort of reminder for the CHR to always uphold objectivity in all their endeavours and avoid being biased and prejudiced with their propagandas and undertakings.

    “I am sure that some members of Congress believe the perception of partisanship and that is probably why they took a shot before the bow of the CHR to remind them that they should remain objective and non-partisan so that the perception will not be a hindrance to doing their job.” Gordon claimed.

    “Be that as it may, I will support the restoration of adequate budget for the Commission of Human Rights in the Senate. I will work to restore an appropriate and adequate budget for the CHR. I am not just talking about the chairman, whom I respect, but also the membership of the commission.” the Senator ended with a note of trust and respect addressed not only to the CHr chairman, but to the whole CHR commission as well.

    Source: Senator Dick Gordon

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