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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    EXPOSED: Guimaras’ electoral scheme?

    Paula Defensor Knack, an International Law expert, sister of the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago recently published a long speculative post focused on the two prominent political figures in the small province of Guimaras: Rahman and Felipe Nava. In the said post, Atty, Knack clearly explained the history of dispute between the bothers claiming that ideological conflict fueled by an unjust political scheme caused the two brothers to duel politically.

    “Felipe and Rahman Nava’s first term as governor and congressman respectively run smoothly which give improvement to the Province of Guimaras. But they had different styles of governance. Accdg. to Guimarasnons, the younger Felipe achieved in 1 term ( 3 years) what the older Rahman achieved in 3 terms or 9 years. The MAIN DIFFERENCE was the younger Felipe decided to launch a FIGHT AGAINST ILLEGAL DRUGS.” Atty. Knack claimed.

    Under the governance of Felipe Nava, according to Atty. Knack’s narration was characterized by strict campaign against illegal drugs. His successful advocacy against drugs, as indicated by the very low crime rate in the Province, is a huge achievement for the young Felipe.

    Then came the controversial 2010 elections where the dispute between the Nava brothers began to heighten. According to Atty. Knack’s post, both of the brothers were Lakas CMD partisans and their presidential standard bearer back then was Gibo Teodoro. Common-sensically, it is expected of them to campaign for their political party’s presidentiable. And while Governor Felipe did so, his brother Rahman deceitfully campaigned for Manny Villar albeit being vocal in support of Aquino.

    “When Aquino won, the elder Congressman Rahman joined the Liberal Party. Meanwhile, the younger Gov. Felipe continued his massive campaign against illegal drugs. 

    Police conducted more raids and buy-bust operations. Gov. Felipe was intent to win the fight against illegal drugs. The elder Congressman Rahan criticized the fight against drugs of the younger brother and the feud became worse.” Atty. Knack continued her narration.

    Three years after, another controversy sprang up during the 2013 local elections which had worsened the blemished relationship between the two. The catch was, the Nava brothers run for the same position.

    “A few months before the election, THE POLICE FORCE INVOLVED IN GOV. FELIPE’S FIGHT AGAINST ILLEGAL DRUGS, were transferred….Then a massive black propaganda campaign against Gov. Felipe was aired in media.” Atty. Knack stated in her post.

    Despite being painted black, Governor Felipe continued to receive utmost support from his people so true that survey demographics indicate a considerable gap between him and his brother, on the favor of the Governor Felipe. 

    “The multi- sectoral surveys revealed that majority of the leading candidates were all from the political party of Gov. Felipe. National officials even conducted their own surveys and the results were the same – Gov. Felipe was leading. Some senators and including the vice president were already congratulating Governor Felipe Nava due to his wide lead over his opponent.” Atty. Knack affirmed.

    “The 2013 election result in Guimaras, however, was shocking. Governor Felipe lost and only less than 5 percent of his partymates survived. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ???” Atty. Knack speculated.

    “There was talk of a P25 million payoff by someone (whose name we shall not mention) for PCOS to cheat the people of their votes. And only less than 5% of his partymates survived. ALL THE PRE-ELECTION SURVEYS were suddenly wrong. Guimarasnons were talking of obvious electoral fraud. THE WEAK AND LOSING CANDIDATES OF THE LIBERAL PARTY WON IN 2013 !! SHOCK. These are people who have done nothing in the fight against illegal drugs and cant cite any major accomplishment.” Atty. Knack added, revealing an electoral scheme which caused the defeat of Felipe over his brother.

    Atty. Knack then focused her speculation on Congressman Rahman who recently, was included in the narco-list revealed by President Rodrigo Duterte himself. Aside from the narco-allegation, Atty. Knack further revealed several instances concerning Rahman Nava which supports the idea that the congressman, indeed had connections to drugs and even drug personalities.

    “The elder Congressman Rahman is now included in Pres. Duterte’s narco-list. The current congressman is his wife. Was his wife accepted by the party of PRRD ? The gun confiscated in the Bilibid was licensed under his name. 

    They allegedly have expensive real estate properties in Manila, Iloilo, and Guimaras and a witness says he eats free in Afriques restaurant owned by the late Odictas. He is a close friend of Mar Roxas and Drilon. He was also the congressman who presented and defended the DSWD budget of Dinky Soliman which was questioned by Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.”

    The International Law expert ended her post by expressing the sentiments of the people in the Guimaras province. Moreover, Atty. Knack made a blatant appeal to the President asking for him to act responsibly on the issue. As how Atty. Knack had put it on her post:

    “Guimarasnons are now asking for a lifestyle check of former Congressman Rahman Nava’s lifestyle.

    Lately, a man with a Muslim accent has been observed going around Brgy ermita, Dumagas, offering a P5,000 payoff if they join their group based in Guimaras….We hope Pres. Duterte acts on the situation in Guimaras, especially because of its proximity to Iloilo City…Thank you.” Atty. Knack ended conclusively.

    Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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