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    Sunday, September 3, 2017

    EXPOSED: Connection between Antonio Trillanes and Karen Davila?

    Mark Lopez, a distinguished critic that tackles socio-political issues through his Facebook posts recently speculated against ABS-CBN well-known broadcaster, Karen Davila. In his post, an open-letter addressed to the broadcaster, Lopez criticized the connection between Davila and Trillanes.

    According to Lopez, the condo unit where the former resides is being mortgaged by DBP loans and these loans as how Lopez had put it are being managed by the consultants of Senator Trillanes.

    Given that connection, Lopez implicitly claimed that Karen Davila must have been indebted to Trillanes through his lawyers or perhaps, Davila must have restricted herself from going against the Senator with great consideration to Trillanes’ lawyers who handle her housing loans in DBP.

    All these speculations sprang up after Davila, on an episode of one of her radio programs blatantly defended the Senator from “groundless” speculations referred by her to be merely “hearsays”.

    To understand Lopez’ sentiments, attached henceforth is Lopez’ open letter to Karen Davila. His post reads:

    Dear Karen Davila,

    I have received a forwarded text message sent by a friend of a relative of a neighbor of a classmate of mine in elementary.

    The said text message said that the plush and very exclusive condo unit in Makati where you reside is actually being paid for by unsettled DBP loans that is now said to be managed by the highly paid consultants of Senator Trillanes.

    With this, I demand that since your name was mentioned in the said text message, you should immediately appear in the forthcoming Senate Ethics complaint procedure against Trillanes that will be tackled soon.

    Again, your name was mentioned repeatedly and this is more than enough to compel you to make the said appearance.

    This demand is valid and enforceable based on your own definition of how a person should act on the basis of hearsay.

    And this is not personal ha. We trust that you will be setting a good example based on your conviction.

    Thank you and regards,
    A Netizen

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