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    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    EXPOSÉ: Groups directed to destabilize our country revealed?

    Abe Purugganan, a distinguished critic and a staunch supporter of the Duterte administration recently published a Facebook post that enumerates a list of groups which, according to him, is aimed at destabilizing the country’s governmental and political arenas.

    In his elucidation, Purugganan pointed out 6 major groups that share the same end-goal of overthrowing the presidency of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    “WHO ARE DESTABILIZING THE NATION? There are several groups that are very prominent in the current political battlefield. They all want to oust Pres Duterte.” Puragganan initially claimed in his Facebook post.

    Purugganan then enumerated the six anti-administration groups which he identified as the following:

    “A. The YELLOWS
    1- The Liberal Party
    2- The yellow clergy
    3- The yellow army including human rights groups.

    1- Akbayan
    2- Their sectoral orgs

    1- CPP Partylist groups
    2- The left leaning clergy
    3- Mass and sectoral organizations
    4- NPA

    D- MAGDALO ni Trillianes


    F- US LIBERALS” Purugganan implied.

    Following his post, Purugganan then tried to establish the self-serving motives of the said groups. The critic emphasized that the coalition, in one way or the other, operates in such a manner that the current Duterte administration will be destabilized.

    “What's their strategy? Who is in control? One question that comes to mind is, "Who is using who?"

    The YELLOWS want Pres Duterte to be impeached. They want mass protest leading to people power. 
    The RJ's are for urban insurrection in the cities to grab power. They capitalize in open mass movement. They flirt with the ruling system and the elite.

    While the RA's are for a protracted war using the strategy of envircling the cities from countryside to overthrow government. RA's seem to have also adopted urban insurrectional strategy. They seem to be
    competing with the RJ's. The operation of KADAMAY is reflective of this. And now the Movement Against Tyranny where KADAMAY is part of it.

    The Magdalo group under Trillianes is in agreement with the RJ's and the Yellows although they have their own agenda.

    The drug syndicates definitely wants Pres Duterte out. The continuance of the Duterte administration is a great loss for the drug trade. They will do everything including funding regime change operation.
    US liberals will also do everything to put Leni Robredo in power.

    All strategies combine can lead to street protests that can lead to urban insurrection and people power, and install Robredo.

    Will they succeed? If ever, will the Filipino people again capitulate to another people power? Or will the whole regions submit to Manila in the event that they do succeed.” Purugganan ended speculatively.

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