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    Tuesday, September 5, 2017

    Duterte: Most Loving, Most Caring, Most Decisive Leader

    President Rodrigo Duterte on his initial year as Philippines’ chief executive, undeniably, has faced a lot of controversies and has been the target of unwavering criticisms fired by his political opposition. On this note, the president never showed any sign of weaknesses, remains firm and sturdy commitment to his promises and advocacy, and continues to help his country reach progress and change.

    Given his obvious sincerity and compassion, the president received considerable support and affirmation from majority of the Filipino people who ardently defends the president from biased and groundless speculations. One of those who never fail to uplift the image of President Duterte was Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, currently the DSWD Assistant Secretary. Dr. Badoy, since the start of the Duterte administration until now, had never left the side of the president backing him up in times of controversies, defending him against all sorts of criticisms.

    Just recently, Dr. Badoy published a Facebook post that presents the authenticity and genuineness of the President. Also in the said post, Dr. Badoy mentioned several accounts concerning the president to reinforce her claims.

    Dr. Badoy’s post runs this way:

    "Most Loving, Most Caring,Most Decisive

    This isn't a grand piece about the President's policies nor about the strategies he has employed to put country on high ground.

    Just a simple view of the President as leader and human being. Nothing lofty on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

    Just a bit of Digong love I want to share with you guys - a fuller perspective of him, hopefully, that is more in keeping with the truth of who he is and not the monster he is made out to be by those who peddle lies about him and would like nothing more than for us to fear and then hate him.

    I have known the President practically all my life because my uncles -–the badass ones, not the holy-molly-stay-inside-the-box ones, the ones their mothers worried about haha—were his friends.

    He dormed with them when they studied in San Beda and the Ateneo. They went drinking, smoking and of course, chased after women. And they went big-biking all over the country too. So I grew up hearing his name tossed about and always, it was spoken with chuckled affection at his bad-assery.

    Then quite suddenly he became Mayor of the then-bedraggled Davao City and transformed it into what it is now: progressive, peaceful, pristine. (My Uncle Vic, the President’s motorcycle buddy, became Mayor of Cotabato City for 3 terms and those were some of Cotabato City’s best years too.)

    And I would often hear about how a long line would form outside Mayor Digong’s office with people wanting to talk to him about their woes. And those woes! A cousin who works in City Hall said it wasn’t unusual for married couples to go to him about their marital woes and still, he would listen all through the night.

    He wouldn’t shoo them away and say, “Ok ka lang? Pati yan, aayusin ko?” And there were no instructions for his staff to cordon him off from the people he served.

    If a brownout struck, he’d have a table brought out in the garden and that was where he would hold office and listen for hours on end to the people he had sworn to serve, with nothing coming between them.

    Quite clearly, he loved them and he was loved in return. No problem was too small for him to give his time to. He embraced them all and in turn, he was embraced by them. Completely.

    And like you, whenever I needed for him to have my back, I didn’t have to swim oceans and climb mountains to get to him. I would know, for certain, that he had my back and that there was nothing I needed to fear.

    That I could forge on and do all that I was entrusted by him to do for our country and to the best of my abilities. I wasn’t expected to be perfect. Only to be true. All I ever had to be with this man is who it is I can only be—myself. And GET THE JOB DONE. That would be enough for him.

    I think this is what he gives us all who have opened our hearts and minds to him.

    And this man, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is REAL.

    He’s not some carefully crafted product of an expensive media machine. Quite the contrary, in fact. Through all the toe-curling quotable quotes and funkeh fashion sense and social faux pas, Rodrigo Duterte defies social convention and breaks the mold of the diplomatic world leader others force him to be. “Get into that goddamn box of our choosing, you probinshano you”, they say.

    And he blissfully says, “Hell no.”

    In the end, Rodrigo Duterte has wisely chosen to be the only person he can be—himself. And the Filipino people are on their feet giving him a rousing standing ovation for having done so. So beloved is this man, it makes me shake my head at the unprecedented way Filipinos have come together to rally behind him. 

    So the poll that came out that shows how the overwhelming majority of us see him as the most loving, the most caring, the most decisive leader by far comes as no surprise to me. I am deeply overjoyed by it because it validates so much of what I know to be true about him.

    I am comforted by how so much more of us can see through the vicious and outright lies written about him and have chosen to smash to pieces the patently false image of a monster mainstream media has constructed of him and how we can see quite clearly the heart and soul of Rodrigo Duterte.

    Loving. Caring. Decisive.

    That's our President.” Dr. Badoy’s post ended.

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