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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    Duterte and his war on drugs from the perspective of an ordinary citizen

    Statistics on the satisfactory and approval rating of the president reveal that President Rodrigo Duterte garners support and trust from a considerable portion of the Filipino citizenry. Albeit the recent controversies faced and hurdled his administration, President Duterte unwaveringly receives the approval of the Filipinos so true that even in their own respective social media accounts, these ardent supporters of the president find time to express a logical and concrete defense on the President’s significant decisions and undertakings.

    One of them was netizen Allain D. Fonte who, in his personal Facebook account, published a witty post filled with sound and realistic arguments in defense of the Chief Executive. In the said expository post, Fonte expressed his two-cents on the Duterte’s drug war issue of which his friends are firmly against. Laying out certain premises and justifications, Fonte expressed that ordinary people especially those who have experienced the drug-menace first hand would understand how significant Duterte’s drug campaign is.

    Also in his post, Fonte shared a particular conversation he had with his two friends whose speculative and presumptive points were accordingly refuted and argued. In the latter part of his post, Fonte humorously claimed that by publishing such post and sharing that particular conversation, he would probably be losing 3 of his friends of which, he seemed unbothered.

    To enjoy the witty post and sound arguments presented by Fonte, attached herwith is the exact copy of his Facebook post which reads:

    ‘I feel sad and disappointed when my very well-educated friends convince me to join them in their sentiments against our president. I respect everyone's ideas, and opinion regarding the president, his foul mouth, his ways of running the country; yet, what I do not understand and could not understand is the necessity of name calling me as a "dutertard" or "duterte fanatic" or "troll" when all that I presented are valid points of argument done in academic means of research.

    In any courts, even in the International Criminal Court at The Hague, if no one can present a substantial evidence on his/her accusations against another person, then, the accusations are mere hearsays! So, when I asked these well-educated friends where are their evidences, they get mad at me! They claimed that the police have played it all well and have hidden all the evidences. This is yet another accusation; so, I asked them again: where are their evidences? Then, they presented the news being reported about the murders and killings that are happening. So, I counter-presented with the news of murders and killings that happened in the past administrations, and asked them why have they not lamented on these issues like they do now, and demanded for PNoy or PGMA oreven PFVR to step down?

    One humurous claim ( I say humurous, because I find it really funny) is that Duterte is killing all the poor with his war on drugs. When I asked him, "So, do you mean by 2022, at the end of Duterte's term, there will only be about 6 million Filipinos left on this planet?" He looked confused and asked me what's the point of my argument. So, I responded that if the war on drugs is a war on the poor; thus, 93% of the Filipino population is the target of the Duterte administration.

    I know that I do not need to explain myself to these people who feel all high and mighty just because they got better education than anyone else; but, I had the feel that I need to show them the reason why I support the president.

    Me: Alam nyo ba saan ang Arellano Street?

    Friends: Nope.

    Me: Pero alam ninyo saan yung Pier 1 at Plaza Independencia sa Cebu?

    Friends: Of course!

    Friend # 1: nadukutan pa nga ako doon eh nung papunta ako nang Bohol.

    Me: Well, good! Because that's where I grew up. I was born in Arellano street. The street between Pier 1 and Pier 2. I was one of those little kids playing in the park. Kung hindi lang ako naging bakla, baka isa na rin ako sa mga adik na nandukot sa inyo. Or nang hold up sa inyo. Next question, sino sa inyo ang naka experience na may ice pick nakatutok sa le-eg? at sa dibdib habang kinukuha yung cellphone mo na pinag-ipunan mo nang 8 buwan, at ang wallet mo na may lamang pambayad sa tuition mo sa school?

    Silence... walang umimik...

    Me: Well, sino ba kasi sa inyo ang naka experience na mag lakad sa gabi sa mga lugar nang Arellano? Pasil? Carbon? Palma? Duljo-Fatima?

    Friend # 2: ano naman gagawin namin dun? bakit kami maglalakad dun sa gabi?

    Me: Of course! Hindi kayo taga dun di ba? taga Santo Niño Village. Tapos, ikaw? Taga Doña Rita? at ikaw?

    Friend # 3: Casals Village sa Mabolo.

    Me: exactly my point! You do not understand the war on drugs because you have never actually experienced becoming a victim of drug addicts. 

    naka kotse kayo lumalabas nang bahay derecho sa destination ninyo, naka kotse kayo umuwi. kami? nag jeep... kung hanggang diyan lang ang jeep, nag lalakad kami pa uwi. Ang mga barangay namin, pundido pa ang mga ilaw sa kalsada kasi walang pondo ang gobyerno. So, na experience ko na mag lakad habang nag rorosaryo na sana walang masama na mangyari sa akin. hatanggabi kasi kaka off ko sa ACA Video kung saan ako nag tratrabaho habang nag-aaral. Nasubukan din ba ninyo mag trabaho habang estudyante pa kayo?

    Silence again...

    Me: so??? wala din!!!

    Friend # 2: I also do not get the point kung bakit mahirap na nga nag drugs pa.

    Me to Friend # 2: I also do not get the point kung bakit kailangan mo mag lasing nung nag break kayo nang jowa mo.

    Friend # 2: depress ako nun!

    Me; Depress ka? hiniwalayan ka nang jowa. depress ka! What about yung mga kapitbahay namin sa Pier 1? Nakikita nila mga anak nila nagkasakit, 20 pesos nalang ang na-iwan na pera. walang pambili gamot at pagkain. what do you expect to them to do? hindi ma depress? Ikaw lang ba ang puede ma depress? Siguro sa depression nila, gusto nilang sumaya sa 20 pesos, hanap sila 5 kabarkada, 20-20 lang at may pang 1 session na sila sa shabu. share-share

    Friend # 3: and they need to be violent?

    Me to friend # 3: nasubukan mo na mag shabu?

    Friend # 3: of course not!

    Me: then, hindi natin alam ang reaction nang drugs sa katawan mo. My point is that the war on drugs is not a personal war against the addicts. We already have a law that makes drug abuse and unauthorized selling illegal. The president is just implementing the law strictly. Wala namang written law, or executive order na pinalabas ni Duterte na patayin lahat nag addict. Now, if the police are abusing their power, then, the government must do something about it. Kasi pag walang ginawa ang gobyerno to give justice to the victims of police abuse; then, the government is guilty of human rights issues. So far, lahat naman nang police na nasangkot sa issues on Extra-judicial killing and abuses are relieved from their posts and are under investigation. In fact, mas bonggang bongga pa nga ang senate hearing sa murder ni Kian delos Santos compared sa hearing on the unexplained and undeclared wealth of COMELEC chair Andres Bautista. Di ba? Ang problema kasi sa inyo, masyado kayong nakikinig kay Senator trillanes, banat nang banat nang allegations; pag hiningi na ang substantial evidence, pinpa search ninyo sa Google!!! 

    I know you guys are educated. Sayang naman education ninyo kung hindi ninyo gamitin to think critically. Duterte may be guilty of all these allegations; yet, Duterte is not the only player here. If you doubt Duterte, then you should also doubt the rest of the politicians. start asking questions like: Why the succeeding deaths of teenagers at the height of Andy Bautista's case? Why similar to Leila Delima's situation? When Delima was being charged of accepting drug money, the issues on EJK was also hyped. Is this coincidence? When the issues on teenager deaths did not impact that much, why Senator Trillanes had brought to a senate hearing the accusation against Paolo Duterte?

    Tahimik. walang umimik...

    Me; Guys, hayaan na ninyo ako sa akong opinion. In the same way, I respect your opinion. I do not call you stupid when you do not think critically. I also do not call you elitist for not being able to understand the situation of the poor. When we think critically, we should ask ALL possible questions. If Filipinos cannot do this, then, there is something wrong in our educational system.

    So??? Feeling ko mawawalan ako nag 3 friends sa FB tonight. bwahahahahhahahahahah!!! May space na, those who want to add me can add me na. bwahahahahahhaha” Fonte ended.

    Source: Allain D. 

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