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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    Drilon on the move to counter his adversaries

    On Wednesday, One of the major adversaries of Liberal Party’s Senator Franklin Drilon, was recently charged with counts in defiance or violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Manueal Mejorada, a former provincial administrator of Iloilo, was the subject of the complaint filed before the anti-graft court of the Sandiganbayan.

    The complaint asserts that Mejorada together with four former members of the Iloilo provincial government is facing a single count of violation as per the provisions of the above-stated act. The issue was based on the controversial purchase of laptop that “was worth less than its declared cost”.

    “The case arose from the purchase of an Acer Aspire laptop with a price tag of P99,000 from lone bidder Seven Seven Trading.” Vince Nonato, an Inquirer.Net journalist claimed.

    However, it was found out that the deliverables received the Iloilo Provincial Government was unlike the approved laptop model. Based on the releavant calculations, the model of the Acer laptop delivered to the provincial government costs at about P59,900 per unit. Hence, a P40,000 excess for every unit purchased.

    “The purchase, according to case records, caused undue injury to the provincial government and gave unwarranted benefit to Seven Seven Trading.” the Inquirer journalist implied.

    Charged with the same count of violation were Ramie Salcedo, Patricia Grace Trabado, Edgar Piansay Sr. and Danny Baldemor, all former members of the provincial government’s bids and awards committee. Recently, prosecutors had recommended a bail amounting to P30,000 for each of the accused.

    On a differently significant note, the accused-Manuel Mejorada was known for accusing Drilon of graft and plunder over the alleged overpricing of the P700-million Iloilo Convention Center, which is a cumulative project of Drilon when he was still Senate president.

    It is also important to note that last 2014, during a senate inquiry of the complaint filed by Mejorada against the senator, the graft count posed by Mejorada against Drilon was dismissed after the former admitted having no concrete evidence.

    Source: Inquirer.Net

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