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    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    De La Salle Professor slammed Anti-drug war proponents: "They just want to keep blaming every death to the President"

    Antonio P. Contreras, a political analyst and professor at De La Salle University, recently published a Facebook post that is wary of the blabby antagonists of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. In his post, Contreras emphasized how these anti-admin critics prattle about the flaws of the President particularly the ones directly related to his strict campaign against illegal drugs without offering any feasible and effective alternative to counter the president’s advocacy.

    “In this entire period where criticisms against the President's war on drugs became abundant, his critics have never proposed a law that would provide alternatives…All they did were investigations. And endless demonizing.” Contreras affirmed on the initial part of his post.

    “They just want to stop the killings but did not provide any real alternative beyond rehabilitating the already drug dependent…They rallied and memed and hashtagged respect for human rights, end the killings, stop the murder and violence…But not on ending drugs,” the political analyst added.

    For acknowledgement’s sake, the De La Salle professor mentioned the undertakings of some anti-drug war loyalists which, as how Contreras implicitly claimed, do not directly address the drug-issues of the country.

    “Some take pride in adopting and providing shelter and care to drug dependents and their families. But still, nothing concrete about moving forward on how to end drugs…Some take pride in sheltering witnesses to alleged state-sponsored drug killings. But still, nothing concrete about how to end drugs…Their focus is on stopping the killings. But not on stopping drugs.” Contreras asserted.

    Claiming that he himself had made significant proposals to ease the heightened drug-war controversy, Contreras pointed out that nothing came out from the ardent drug-war opposition.

    “Some of us have concrete proposals. I wrote a series of column articles about decriminalizing drug use and a recalibrated policy on drug trade. But nada from these bleeding hearts.”

    “They just want to keep blaming every death to the President. They write and post and meme every death as if it is always state-sponsored. Sometimes I even wonder what is really their end game.” Contreras ended speculatively.

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