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    Friday, August 18, 2017

    What kind of husband is Andres Bautista?

    In a typical Filipino setting the husband and the wife are bound to share their resources together-be it monetary or proprietary. In a more traditional sense, the husband is more obligated to fulfill certain financial objectives of the family over the wife who is conventionally bound to perform household and children-tied responsibilities. But Comelec Commissioner Bautista is quite devious to this construct.

    It was revealed recently by Patricia Bautista, estranged wife of the poll commissioner, that she had once faced a trial and resorted to pay a bail worth P2 Million. It is common-sensical for the husband to help in an utmost manner his wife over financial concerns like this one. And while he did provide for his wife the amount required, the peculiar and comical point was the fact that Mrs. Bautista was obligated to pay her husband. Worse, she had to pay with interest.

    That issue was justified by Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known writer and a staunch supporter of the Duterte administration, who posted a specific picture of a document showing the log of payments made by Patricia in compliance to the debt she owes to her husband of course inclusive of interest.

    “What kind of husband charges interest on loans to his wife? For a credit card she uses to run the household and pay for their kids' tuition even when he has a job and she has no "real" one (she works for her mom),” Chu speculated.

    “This is a crazy world. Ladies, go hug your boyfriends or husbands in gratitude that they are not Andy Bautista,” Chu added humorously with sarcasm.

    Chu then urged the public to support and advocate for the removal of Andres Bautista from office claiming that he had long manifested his greed and corrupt deeds.

    “The point of the post is: Let's expose Andy's greed and corruption and wrongdoings and his lies, and let's remove one more powerful person that is allied with LP and protects them,” Chu asserted.

    “Next election, without him around, we will with hope have a cleaner election that reflects the true will of the people…And we will have no more Josephine Satos to remove the Judy Taguiwalos of this world,” Chu ended.

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