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    Saturday, August 19, 2017

    VIRAL: An open letter of a grandmother to President Duterte

    An open letter to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte:

    Mr President, I voted for you last May because I knew from many accounts that you have fire in your belly and your campaign speeches promised change of the kind I want for our country, for my grandchildren and for future generations...

    Just a few moments ago, I read the account of the senseless murder of a young man who was picked up by 4 law enforcers and who, per witness' account , pleaded for his life because he was going to have a test in school the following day...

    The law enforcers involved have been identified. Your head of the PNP should not cry again in response to this heinous action of his men but should harness the full force of law against these rogues in the force!

    I would like to continue to believe in your leadership and the changes you wish to undertake...

    However, the near carte blanche order to your police force to run after drug lords, pushers and users cannot continue to be undertaken like the way those policemen murdered this young child, Kian...

    Please... please give us more reasons to continue to support you by meting out the highest form of sanctions allowed by the law against these beings who murdered this young child...

    Every death diminishes us... every life precious...

    Thank you!
    Clarita R. Carlos

    N.B. Please SHARE THIS POST until it reaches the President! He does not know me from Eve and neither do I know people who are in positions of power... Thank you!

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