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    Thursday, August 17, 2017

    READ: The reason behind CA’s rejection of Sec. Judy Taguiwalo’s appointment revealed?

    The pending appointment of Judy Taguiwalo as Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary had been rejected by the Commission on Appointments (CA). That is, after several months of hearing deferments the CA finally put an end to the perpetuating agony caused by unjustified postponements over Taguiwalo’s pending DSWD conferment.

    This has been the second time that a president appointee has been rejected by the Commission on Appointments following the CA’s initial rejection of Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary. And just like Lopez’ case, the CA also failed to provide concrete justification and grounds for their decision to reject Taguiwalo. This unjustified CA ruling had triggered some notable Filipino critics. One of whom is Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy. 

    Also a DSWD employee, Dr. Badoy in her Facebook post expressed her sentiments regarding the CA’s rejection of a “brilliant, erudite, and compassionate” public servant like Taguiwalo. Badoy, who is currently a DSWD Assistant Secretary, also wrote words of compliments and commendations about Taguiwalo’s character. More importantly, Dr. Badoy criticized the obvious agenda by the CA proven by their recent motion to reject two of the most compassionate and legitimate public servants.

    To further understand the sentiments of the DSWD Asec., attached here is copy of Dr. Badoy’s Facebook post:

    “When Cong Almario went to the podium to tell us they had rejected Sec Judy Taguiwalo, did you hear one measly reason for this rejection? I didn't…No one who was there did…Not even a make believe excuse for why they thought the Sec wasn't fit for the job.

    You know why? Judy Taguiwalo made it real hard for them to find that one small weakness they could cling to to say grandly, "HERE. THIS is why she can't be DSWD Sec."

    In the end, they had to settle for that weird extensive retelling of SecJudy Taguiwalo's singular life- conceding that she, indeed, lived a life none of them could claim to have lived - even if they lived 10 million lifetimes- a life lived in genuine service to the poorest of the poor, to the oppressed, the forgotten.

    And when they were done with the retelling of this singular life, all they could mumble awkwardly was that they had decided to vote against her.

    No reason….Not one….Not even half a reason that I would have been so eager to know…Kahit na imbento lang.

    Did Rep Sato hate Manay's uncoordinated , unbranded look so devoid of luxury brands that the congresswoman wore from her head down to her toes- all in light purple with a touch of pink- shoes, bag, dress, pearl earrings, pearl necklace, killer heels?

    Did they hate that she is so beloved and them so despised?

    That she gets mighty things done for the poorest of the poor and them, the cause of the horrific poverty we suffer as a people?

    Do they hate that she's so brilliant , so erudite, so compassionate that she makes them look like the heartless camotes they are?..Maybe…We'll never know because apparently apart from their inability to feel the pain we all feel at the loss of such an excellent public servant, they also feel they owe us no explanations.

    The arrogance of it all.

    The. Arrogance. Of. It. All.

    Basta, ayaw lang namin sha.

    Maybe the reason they don't give us any reason is because the reason is disgusting as hell. (And by ' maybe ' I mean ' For sure '.) That's Manay's gift to them- tinablan sila ng hiya for the first time in their lives.

    That all it boils down to is - pork.

    The long and short of it. The start and end of it.

    That this woman stood between them and business as usual…That for the first time, someone was clearly telling them "No. What belongs to the people must stay with the people."

    But in the end, this public servant - the likes of which we won't see in a while- a great combination of brains, heart and soul was denied us…And, (here my heart breaks) denied the poor.

    And for no other reason than there exists among us public servants who have made a mockery of public service and have used their positions for self-interests- to line their pockets and to satisfy their insatiable greed- and all at the expense of the poorest of the poor.

    Sec Judy Taguiwalo's being perfect for this job means NOTHING to them…Just as PORK means EVERYTHING to them.

    Wag na kayo maghanap ng malalim na dahilan kung baket hindi na-confirm si Sec Judy Taguiwalo. Wag na yang "peace talks" or "maniobra ng LP" or "gusto ipitin si Pangulong Duterte" or "kasi leftist".

    Simple lang to…The long and short of it…The start and end of it…PORK…

    Mga baboy.” Dr. Badoy ended.

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