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    Saturday, August 19, 2017

    Paolo Duterte’s alleged drug involvement, opposition’s working propaganda?

    Amid the efforts of the President to fulfill his mandate, several destabilizing schemes plotted by the opposition forces are also at work. One of which was the recent controversy about Presidential son, Paolo Duterte, linking him to an alleged drug smuggling syndicate in the country.

    This perspective was reinforced by Krizette Laureta Chu in one of her Facebook posts.

    Chu is a distinguished writer and commentator on several socio-political issues and is outspokenly a supporter of the current administration. In the said post, Chu emphasized the allegations are nothing but pure hearsays and thus, are unreliable.

    “There is absolutely nothing concrete that connects Paolo Duterte to drugs. No paper trail, no reliable witness. Just second, third, fourth hand info. Nothing. Tapos binawi pa. Narinig Lang daw. Si Dong, may picture Lang sa Duterte kids. EH SI Risa na beneficiary ng kanyang supposed drug money dahil contributor nya sa eleksyon?” Chu questioned rhetorically.

    Sarcastically at the time, Chu criticized the logic presented by the unidentified witness who linked the Davao City Vice Mayor to the drug controversy. According to Chu, pictures showing Paolo Duterte and the alleged drug perpetrator does not mean that the two are syndicate partners. 

    “Btw, may picture din ako sa isang "nahuling" drug lord DAW na mayor ng Samar. We had dinner and drinks at Blind Pig with friends. Di ko alam drug lord siya. Friend of a friend/ So, drug lord din ako kasi may picture kami na mukhang humahave-fun?” Chu stated.

    “Isa pa, if totoong ma anomalya si Paolo Duterte, bakit ngayon lang sinasabi Kung kelan anak na siya ng Presidente?” she added.

    Chu further claimed that this issue is nothing but an opposition-sponsored controversy or propaganda. As how Chu had put it on her Facebook post:

    “You must remember Mar Roxas and his camp threw everything against Rodrigo Duterte during campaign--and noon, dahil sila ang leading party and backed by then President Aquino, they had all the intelligence units at their disposal…AT WALANG LUMABAS NA GANITO. KAHIT ISA.

    Tapos gagamitin ninyo ngayon?

    Because, as we all know the LP SCHOOL OF THOUGHT is: "DOESNT HAVE TO BE TRUE, JUST NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE IT." (PS: Ang kapatid ng sinungaling ay magnanakaw.)” Chu ended.

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