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    Tuesday, August 29, 2017

    Opposition’s idiotic social media movement revealed?

    Mark Lopez, a distinguished socio-political critic and an outspoken Duterte supporter as well, recently published a Facebook status wary of the opposition’s new propaganda which Lopez described as “idiotic” and “enraging”.

    In the said post, Lopez claimed that this new social movement initiated through a specific Facebook page named “MOVEMENT AGAINST TYRANNY” is a blatant display of the opposition’s so-called “stupidity”.

    According to him, the movement is groundless because in the first place tyranny is inexistent in the Philippines. He claimed that Duterte is no tyrant.

    Lopez also encouraged the opposition that rather than pursuing a ho hum rally this upcoming 21st of September, they should exhaust their efforts into realizing an active revolt. 

    To further understand the claim of the above-named critic, here’s the actual copy of his Facebook post. Lopez’ open letter addressed to his fellow Filipinos reads:

    “My fellow Filipinos,

    I just want to warn you of yet another destabilization move by has-beens and discredited members of the elite, academe and church, who are disguising themselves as civil libertarians. They have named their coalition as MOVEMENT AGAINST TYRANNY, which if you look at it, is idiotic and enraging.

    Idiotic because these discredited bunch are uniting against something which does not exist. If they seriously believe that there is tyranny even in its most broad definition, then we can already safely assume they are out of their freaking minds.

    And these are the very same idiots who are shouting "tyranny dictatorship fascism despotism" FREELY in all forms of media and fora, blatantly and constantly attacking, ridiculing, cursing and threatening the president, his family, his cabinet, his admin, and his supporters.

    After which they then merrily go to their favorite malls, sip their latte in their preferred coffee shop, and take selfies with their latest gadgets, toys and accessories, complete with the hashtag #blessedandlovingit. (Right Sister Mananzan?)

    And it is enraging because these collection of thick face KSPs and famewhores are once again going to shamelessly parade and ram their intellectual dishonesty, hypocrisy and elitism down our weary consciousness.

    They are planning to stage another rally on September 21 (anniv of the Marcos Martial Law declaration), and again showcase their irksome and exasperating kind of political adventurism.

    Well, they can do what they want to do. They can stage a rally buffet if they want. Perhaps they should start this weekend. And they can shout all the way to Essos to protest tyranny, slavery and the invasion of the white walkers.

    If they still believe in the Saguisags, the Tañadas, the hollow Juana Change activism strategy, and all other has-beens, then fine. Go ahead and waste your time and ours. But if I were you, I would already do away all the rhetorics and all the hoarse shouting and cute propaganda.

    Instead of a ho hum rally, stage a revolt! Attack Malacañang, padlock Congress, and shut down the entire government machinery.

    If you are so against the imagined tyranny and its accompanying oppression, take matters into your own hands, and take over government.

    I've been saying this -- enough BS! Enough with blah blah blah and the porma. Declare a revolution. Go for it. Tear apart your cedulas or ITR. And make sure your allies in mainstream media are there to join you in the action. Make sure every significant move is well covered and highlighted.

    I can't say this enough, and tagalugin ko na -- tama na kuda, tama na yang ingay at porma! Tama na yang mga pa disenteng pa drama drama pa sa entablado... Kung talagang may tyranny aba tawagin nyo na si Uncle Sam at pati mga kanyon ni Mang Simeon eh i mobilize nyo na.

    Kung sa tingin nyo nakitil na ang demokrasya aba laban na! Bawasan nyo na muna yang pag upload sa instagram ng mga byahe nyo and food trips, tsaka tigil nyo muna ung pabebe at mga hugot lines nyo. Pa cancel nyo muna ung mga concerts nina Bruno Mars na pupuntahan nyo dahil puro patayan di ba?

    So mga braderz and sisterrz, aba eh itaguyod nyo na yang paniniwala nyo. Ituloy nyo na yang proposal ni Sylvia Claudio na "Himagsikan!" Please lang. Just do it!

    Naka abang na kami with our popcorn and drones. And suportahan din namin kayo sa social media. Game?!!!” 

    Source: Mark Lopez

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