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    Sunday, August 6, 2017

    Open letter to Senator Grace Poe on her "watch his mouth" remark to Duterte

    Every time President Rodrigo Roa Duterte faces the public and starts to deliver his speech, his adversaries always take a pause and try to be watchful of any “awful” remarks the president would speak out. Meanwhile, there’s this senator who continuously portrayed a “benevolent” and “gentle” character in the Senate. 

    Given the contrast between the personalities of the two [Duterte and Poe], it can really be anticipated that the clashes between them especially criticisms from the latter are expected to be thrown at the former. 

    With that given, RJ Nieto -the man behind Thinking Pinoy- scrutinized Senator Grace Poe over her blatant refutal to Duterte’s verbal style. Thinking Pinoy’s take on the issue concerning the senator was expressed through an open letter published by Nieto himself in Thinking Pinoy’s Facebook Page.

    TP’s open letter reads:

    Dear Senator Grace Poe,

    I heard you told Pres. Rody Duterte to "watch his mouth", that you don't agree with his language as he is "a public figure being heard by children".

    Actually, Miss Senator, a vast majority of Duterte supporters are likely to agree that the President's language is acerbic, to say the least. However, I hope that you have already realized that those who approve of his governance, which comprises about 80% of the population, are already over that fact.

    With that said, I hope that you stop beating a dead horse. The issue about Duterte’s choice of words is a dead horse.

    Now, you probably wonder, why am I not as harsh to you as I am to, say, Fujiko or that Ninoy cosplayer?

    It’s simple: I do not totally like you, but I like you a lot as a Senator, and I would like you to be re-elected.

    Yes, you have your flaws (READ: Emergency Powers), but you are way better than the Five Stooges (De Lima, Pangilinan, Hontiveros, Aquino, and Trillanes), and losing you, while retaining them, would be a nightmare.

    Thus, you should start prioritizing improving your chances for reelection: start thinking like a seasoned politician without looking like it.

    These are what you can do:

    1. AVOID UNWINNABLE BATTLES. Criticizing Duterte over old and long-drawn issues is a battle you can’t win. He has so much political capital that he can run circles around anyone, including you. Instead of telling him how he should act, SHOW HIM how he should act. But if you really feel the need to criticize the administration, pick one of the more contemporary issues that resonate with the masses, such as internet speed, traffic jams, etc.

    2. PRACTICE CONCISENESS. You have the tendency to give long winding answers to relatively simple questions, and people normally associate that with traditional politicians. Start giving shorter, crunchier answers that make sense to the Common Tao. The standards of the general voting public have changed: they now crave for performance, they have ceased to be content with rhetoric.

    3. FOCUS ON LEGISLATION. You are a senator, not a priest. Stop proselytizing, start legislating. I understand that you have problems with passing the emergency powers bill. If you sincerely think you can’t, tell us in a way that we would understand, in a way that makes sense to us. You have, so far, done good in the TNVS hearings, you can start with that.

    Again, let me say what I said previously: I like you a lot as a Senator, and I would like you to be re-elected. So please, listen to me. Yun lang.

    Tough Love,

    Source: Thinking Pinoy

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