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    Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    LTO distribution of driver's license card: Fake news?

    Antonio P. Contreras, a political analyst, also a distinguished critic and writer, recently warned the public about a bruited rumor concerning the Land Transportation Office (LTO). The unproven news claims that the LTO, who promised to issue durable plastic drivers’ licenses, expected to last for about five years, had allegedly announced that these new type of licenses are available for releasing.

    Wanting the public not to fall for this rumor, which he described as sort of a “fake-news”, Contreras published a particular Facebook status denying the truthfulness and veracity of the bruited news. Justifying his assertion, Contreras claimed that he went to LTO himself to confirm the issue.

    After soliciting verification from the LTO employees, Contreras affirmed that the news is a mere misunderstanding between the Land Transportation office and the public. Contreras also stated that when he asked LTO employees about the exact start date of their issuance, the employees asserted that even they have no idea.

    Contreras’ post reads:


    The news that plastic drivers licenses good for 5 years are now available for release is totally Fake as in F A K E!

    The script of the clueless people at LTO where I went just now was that the public was only alerted that it is about to be released. When I asked exactly when, they do no have any idea!

    Really now.” Contreras explained briefly.

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