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    Tuesday, August 1, 2017

    LOOK: Catholic Church making things worst defending a sexual offender among its clergy, says journalist

    The Roman Catholic Church had recently faced an abhorrent controversy after one of its clergymen, Monsignor Arnel F. Lagarejos of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antipolo, was alleged to be committing numerous counts of sexual offenses thereby making him an “alleged sex predator”.

    The Diocese of Antipolo, in connection to this controversy, released an official statement urging the faithful devotees of the church “to refrain from issuing unnecessary comments that might worsen the situation”, implicitly defending the act of the monsignor.

    Meanwhile, Jojo Robles, a distinguished critic and journalist, recently published a Facebook post that revolves around this issue. In the said post, the journalist criticized the church for their so-called “imbecilic” strategy in their attempt to immediately downplay the controversy.

    “This is, to borrow from current usage, an "imbecilic" stonewalling strategy. If the church is to be true to its crusading mission, it should actually denounce the monsignor's actions. It should actively, in the words of the clergy, "condemn the sin, not the sinner" by declaring that it is totally against this sort of behavior,” Robles started in his post.

    Continuing his criticisms, the journalist implied, in an implicit manner, the church’s hypocrisy by condemning the alleged prevalent extra-judicial killings when in fact, it is no different from the sexual abuse committed by Msgr. Lagarejos.

    “What is the difference, after all, between the sexual abuse of minors from the extra-judicial killings that the church finds so abhorrent? Why should the alleged crime be less scandalous simply because the perpetrator is a man of the cloth?” Robles emphasized.

    Robles also expressed his utmost expectation to affront the Catholic Church with Lagarejos condemnable sexual offense every time it tries to partake in any form of secular debate.

    “I fully expect the name of Lagarejos to be brought up every time the church tries to stick its nose in any secular debate, simply because the monsignor's superiors did not take a stronger position on his case. But maybe that's not such a bad thing, really. Like so many of our institutions that have become so used to hypocrisy, perhaps the church has to be taken down a notch or two,” Jojo Robles claimed.

    Expressing his frustration and disappointment to the Catholic church, the journalist asserted what the church could have done to deal better and rightfully with the controversy.

    “Still, it could have been handled better and the church could have come out more credible, had it taken the high moral ground that it always claims for itself, whenever it meddles in issues where it only has tangential knowledge and involvement,” the journalist claimed.

    In conclusion, Jojo Robles pointed out that the church’s initiative to justify the abhorrent sexual mistakes committed by its clergymen, particularly Msgr. Lagarejos. The good thing, according to Robles, was the fact that Lagarejos unlike the previous sexual offenders from the church who were banished to serve abroad, was finally put behind bars.

    “By protecting Lagarejos, the church is only making matters worse. Good thing it can't just banish the monsignor to another country, like it usually does to its sexual offenders, because he is now securely behind bars," Robles concluded.

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