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    Tuesday, August 29, 2017

    LOOK: President Duterte gives out P29 Million to compensate poultry farmers

    Recently, there was an outbreak of Avian Influenza in San Luis Pampanga together with two nearby towns of Jaen and San Isidro in Nueva Ecija. As an immediate response to resolve and contain the outbreak, the Bureau of Animal Industry, particularly the Avian Influenza task force, quarantined the concerned areas and killed all fowls within a 1-kilometer radius from the farms affected by the outbreak.
    A total of 667, 184 chicken, quails, and ducks were culled during the clean-up operations.

    Because of this concern, citizens from Pampanga and Nueva Ecija as well as citizens from the surrounding provinces opted not to consume poultry products out of the fear that the host meat might be infected with the avian influenza virus. 

    To resolve the growing health concern among the citizens, President Rodrigo Duterte himself visited the affected provinces of Pampanga and Nueva Ecija to conduct a “boodle fight” to eradicate the notion of poultry meat contamination and reinforce that poultry meat is safe for consumption. Furthermore, the president gave out a total of P29 Million as compensation to the affected poultry farmers.

    This particular incident involving the benevolence and sincerity of President Rodrigo Duterte had caught the attention of Krizette Laureta Chu, a distinguished writer and staunch supporter of the Duterte administration. Chu published a Facebook status that commends the president for his genuine act to resolve the significant issue.

    Chu’s post reads:

    “After eating at a boodle fight in Pampanga to prove that chicken consumption is safe, GOAT President RODRIGO DUTERTE released P29 million initial payment to the farmers whose livestock were killed as part of the initiative to contain the bird flu virus.

    Peste, ganito pala pag totoong leader, ano? Lord, yung buhay ni Duterte pakihabaan naman. Thank You.” Chu ended.

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