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    Thursday, August 3, 2017

    LOOK: International Relations Expert slams Pangilinan over his "unrealistic" remarks regarding the Parojinog incident

    Senator Kiko Pangilinan, one of the forefront members of the administrative opposition-Liberal Party, had published in his Facebook account a particular post where he expressed his sentiments and speculations regarding the tragic Parojinog carnage which happened in Ozamiz City last Sunday during a raid jointly conducted by the PNP and the CIDG.

    The said incident caused the lives of 16 individuals including Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, his wife, and his two children. In Pangilinan’s Facebook post he scrutinized on four basic angles about the tragedy. These, according to Sass Rogando Sasot’s discussion were as follows:

    1. The “warrant of arrest” was served at 2 a.m.
    2. The CCTV cameras were disabled by the police before entering the house.
    3. Fifteen suspected drug lords and their armed bodyguards were at the scene and were all killed.
    4. No police officer was injured or dead.

    Given such premises, Pangilinan concluded that the said operation resulting to the death of 16 people was “unrealistic”.

    Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot, a well-known writer, social media activist and a columnist at the Manila Times, published an online article in connection with the incident that elaborates her perspective regarding the Parojinog incident with greater emphasis on the speculations fired by Senator Pangilinan against the government forces which took charge of the bloody operation.

    Returning the criticisms and speculations back to the LP Senator, Sasot cited a particular quotation from Sun Tzu which reads: “let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    This, according to Sass, means that the operation was conducted by PNP-CIDG in such a manner that the success of the operation would be granted to the government troops.

    “That could be the guiding principle of the raiding team, when they scheduled the raid at an ungodly hour and when they disabled the CCTV of the enemy so they would not be able to monitor the positions of the raiding team,” Sasot explained.

    However, the said dictum by Sun Tzu, is implicitly at odds with that of Pangilinan. 

    “For him [referring to Pangilinan], a raid should make sure the enemy would not be tactically disadvantaged. In other words, the raid must be as predictable as possible to the enemy…they must be given a fighting chance by our police officers. Thus, Pangilinan must have found it really unfair that 15 died from the side of the enemy, while there were no casualties on the side of government,” Sasot wrote speculatively in her article.

    “[Pangilinan] wants blood not of the enemy but of our police officers,” added Sass.

    Sasot’s speculation also involves senator Risa Hontiveros who is also an LP partisan. According to Sasot, Hontiveros together with Pangilinan will be the major interrogators in the upcoming senate hearing on the Parojinog incident.

    “I am very sure Pangilinan would be one of those who would grill Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido during the Senate hearing that Sen. Risa Hontiveros wants to conduct on what she called a ‘state-sanctioned massacre’,” Sasot further claimed in her article.

    Conclusively, Sass pointed out the lack of concern from the two LP partisan senators and their political stalwarts regarding the worse drug-stricken situation of Ozamiz City.

    “Yet you never heard Hontiveros and her allies call for a Senate investigation into the horrendous drug situation in Ozamiz City, which Ozaminons know very well. Why would Hontiveros care about that? Just like Pangilinan, she might be itching to ask Espenido, why did no one die among you? And just like Pangilinan, she might not like the answer—superb tactical planning— because for them, that is not realistic,” Sasot concluded.

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