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    Friday, August 4, 2017

    LOOK: International Law expert knocks out Leni Robredo on her sensationalized remark over Parojinog incident

    Atty. Paula Defensor Knack, an international law expert who also happens to be the sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, criticized Vice President Leni Robredo for her alleged sensationalized remark during an interview regarding the Parojinog carnage which occurred in Ozamiz City last Sunday.

    According to Atty. Knack, Robredo’s comments regarding the incident were implicitly overshadowed by her prejudice and emotions to the extent that she failed to express logicality and rationality over the subject matter.

    Criticizing the vice president for her lack of knowledge on the rules of police operations, Atty. Knack emphasized the failure of Robredo to provide legal and juristic citations.

    The law expert also pointed out Robredo’s so-called “stupidity” given her title as an accredited lawyer. As a matter of fact, Knack managed to compare Robredo to a “bystander” based upon the way she reacts and expresses her opinion regarding the Parojinog incident. Atty. Knack further claimed that listening to Robredo’s standpoint on the controversy is nothing but a “waste of time”.

    The said criticisms given by Knack against the vice president were included in a Facebook post she recently published in her Facebook account. The post reads:

    “ROBREDO !.... ang pagsagot mo parang hindi abogada ! MARUNONG KA BA TALAGA NG RULES ON POLICE OPERATIONS ? NI ISA WALA KANG MA-CITE !...PARA KANG BYSTANDER PAG MAGCOMMENT. Kung walang tiwala ang tao sa gobyerno, ITOY DAHIL MARAMING BOBA KATULAD MO !...Isa ka na sa pinakabobang abogada na laging dakdak ng dakdak .... talagang napaka-waste of time makinig sa yo!”


    Meanwhile, Vice President Leni Robredo, who got teary-eyed during the interview, also received several criticisms from the netizens who watched the said interview.

    Majority of them speculated on the utmost empathy of the vice president over the slain members of the alleged drug-affiliated Parojinog family when she allegedly did not even sympathize to the families of several Filipino soldiers who died while fighting for the country in Marawi.

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