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    Monday, August 14, 2017

    LOOK: Another Robredo's hidden asset?

    Previously, a demolition attempt in Cararayan, Naga City had been carried on by about 100 city policemen and SWAT troops. The demolition order involved an-11 hectare land property bruited to be under the ownership of Vice President Leni Robredo. If successfully acted upon, the demolition is bound to displace about hundreds of families including farmers.

    Reports claim that the land property was owned by a certain Wilzon Luz. Luz is a businessman and was said to be a dummy of the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. IT can be recalled that the late DILG Secretary had served as Mayor of Naga for 18 years. It was also during these times that his critics suspected him for allegedly amassing real estate properties registered under a string of dummies.

    Further reports had claimed that the said Cararayan property, which was located near Naga’s central business district for commercial and high-end residential areas, costs several hundred million pesos at current real estate value.

    In connection to this, several netizens had raised some of their insights and concerns. One of them was Benjie Daisy Contreras who, in his Facebook account, expressed his worthwhile sentiments concerning the controversy. More importantly, Contreras scrutinized over the alleged involvement of the Vice President in the considerably disputed land property.

    “If this is true, then LENI ROBREDO has a lot to explain to her laylayan sa lipunan constituents and to the Filipino people…This 11 hectare property located in Cararayan, Naga City is worth several hundred million pesos. Leni Robredo's SALN of 8.878M is dwarfed by the value of the said property,” Contreras stated.

    Contreras further claimed that it is unjust for Robredo (given that she’s the real property owner) to pursue with the demolition as it blatantly goes against her “pro-laylayan” campaign. Otherwise (if Robredo’s alleged-ownership is untrue) the vice president should take necessary interventional measures to resolve the dispute. As how Contreras had put it on his post:

    “If the rumor is true, then Robredo's advocacy of uplifting the lives of the poor and the laylayan sa lipunan is just for a show to gain her pogi points and media mileage! Why should she evict more than a hundred of homeless settlers and marginal farmers?...If it is otherwise, then she should intervene on behalf of the homeless settlers and marginal farmers, who are in her laylayan especially they are her kababayan,” Contreras ended emphasizing the responsibility of the Vice President over the demolition order affecting her constituents in Naga.

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