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    Tuesday, August 1, 2017

    LOOK: Alleged connection of LP and Parojinogs revealed

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) had recently nabbed a so called “notorious” family in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental during a “daring and SEAL-team like raid” by the authorities.

    This family has ties with narcotics, kidnapping, bank robberies and other heinous crimes which proliferate in the city according to some reports.

    This particular issue had been the major focus of speculation by Mark A. Lopez, a University of Santo Tomas alumnus, who scrutinized the possibility of a mutual connection between this notorious family and the current political opposition, the Liberal Party.

    “It has been said that this family has lorded it over in Ozamiz, and has made this city a major drug distribution haven in Mindanao. It should also be noted that this is the family who started the infamous Kuratong Baleleng crime syndicate,” Lopez expressed in his post.

    To justify his assumption, Lopez recalled the votes turn out during the previous presidential race where he emphasized the controversial defeat of President Duterte over 5 provinces and 4 cities out of 27 and 33 Mindanaoan provinces and cities respectively.

    “Fact check: In the presidential race, Duterte lost in five (5) Mindanao provinces out of of 27. These five provinces are Misamis Occidental, Camiguin, Agusan del Sur, Zamboanga Del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur. It was Mar Roxas of the LP who won in these provinces, except for Zamboanga del Sur, which went to Grace Poe,” Lopez stated.

    “Duterte also lost in four (4) cities in Mindanao, out of 33. The four are Lamitan (Basilan), Bayugan (Agusan del Sur), Tangub (Misamis Occidental) and ....Ozamiz City, also in Misamis Occidental. In all of these four cities, Mar Roxas was the winner,” Lopez added.

    Consistently, in all five provinces and four cities mentioned here, except for Zamboanga del Sur, Leni Robredo also won as the VP. Marcos won in Zambo del Sur.

    Lopez then emphasized on this particular issue. The untoward defeat of Duterte, a Mindanaoan presidential candidate in 2016 elections, over Mar Roxas in 4 provinces and 3 cities in Mindanao according to Lopez might be caused by some unknown ties between the Liberal Party and the then ruling dynasties in the aforementioned cities and provinces.

    “Again, Mar Roxas and the LP won in Ozamiz, which is just one of four Mindanao cities out of 33 where Duterte lost. Do I still need to say connect the dot?” Lopez ended rhetorically.

    Source: Mark A. Lopez | Facebook

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