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    Tuesday, August 22, 2017

    Lawyer: Kian's death is not a mere distraction to Andres Bautista's case

    After the controversy regarding the death of Kian-a 17 year-old student that got killed during a PNP drug raid operation sprang up, many people specifically supporters of the incumbent Duterte administration started claiming that this is just another sponsored propaganda to divert people’s attention away from the real issue-the fraudulent anomaly of Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista.

    While this assumption makes a lot of sense, one of the staunch supporters of President Duterte cautioned that people should not take for granted Kian’s case. Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a legitimate lawyer and an established critic, claimed that considering Kian’s case as a mere distraction is a dangerous thing for it can put Duterte, the head of state, into the limelight of controversy regarding state-sponsored killings induced by his drug war.

    “It is dangerous to sweep the alleged murder by cops under the rug. It is dangerous to say it is a mere distraction…We need to address this issue. We need to demand an investigation. Otherwise the president will again be in the center of international attention for state sponsored killings.” Cruz-Angeles initially stated.

    She further encouraged to be vigilant not only on poll commissioner Andres Bautista’s case but also on those issues involving our policemen for they significantly posit great harm to the Chief Executive.

    “By all means keep your eye on Andy Bautista. But to say that we should ignore these cops means you are putting the president in harm's way.” asserted Atty. Cruz-Angeles.

    To further establish how significant this cops-related issues were, Cruz-Angeles made a simple comparison.

    In the said comparison, she claimed the intensity of Kian’s case for it includes recognizable people and worse, they are uniformed, member of the national police force of the country under the command and direction of the president himself.

    “We were able to resist all allegations of state-sponsored killings because they were being done by masked men on motorcycles. This alleged murder is placed squarely on the doorstep of the PNP. Men in uniform. And men in uniform means they are agents of the state. HENCE, STATE SPONSORED KILLINGS. And how do you over throw the presumption that this is a state sponsored killing? BY INVESTIGATING IT and showing that the state is in no way involved.” claimed Atty. Cruz-Angeles saying that the best way to address this significantly troubling absolve the state from any harmful involvement.

    “Gets? So stop saying this is a mere distraction to Andy Bautista. We can demand justice on both cases. But we ignore this case at our peril….Investigate rogue cops. Exonerate the good guys….Duterte pa rin.” Atty. Cruz-Angeles ended.

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