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    Thursday, August 17, 2017

    Krizette Chu on CA’s rejection of Taguiwalo’s appointment: Our lawmakers have forgotten they are PUBLIC SERVANTS

    Long before the Commission on Appointment (CA) officially rejected the pending appointment of Judy Taguiwalo as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary, a lot of Filipinos had already expressed their support and approval to her conferment. Yet the CA, probably blinded by their ulterior motive which is basically in contrast to Taguiwalo’s good and just intentions, settled to reject her. 

    That particular motion had instigated a series of speculations and criticisms addressed to the CA who, aside from constantly deferring hearings on Taguiwalo’s appointment, failed to provide justified and concrete grounds as to why they chose to reject her. It is also important to note that this is the second time the CA rejected the appointment of two Presidential appointees. 

    One of those well-known critics to comment regarding the controversy was Krizette Laureta Chu. As a distinguished writer and an outspoken supporter of Duterte, Chu expressed her frustration over the refusal of the CA to officially confer Taguiwalo the DSWD position which was supposedly and rightfully hers.

    “More than Gina Lopez or any other cabinet secretary, I was rooting most for Judy Taguiwalo…My firsthand experiences in Leyte rehab and relief efforts made me realize that a good DSWD secretary was as necessary to natural disaster-prone Philippines as a good President,” Chu wrote in one of her Facebook posts.

    To further illustrate her point, Chu who is a resident of Yolanda-stricken province of Leyte stated how difficult it has been for them to rise again after the tragedy under Mar Roxas and Dinky Soliman’s supervision. Chu then compared the differences between Taguiwalo and Soliman claiming the former to be way more passionate and efficient than the latter.

    “Mar Roxas and Corazon Juliano-Soliman made things very difficult for those hit by Yolanda. Whatever happened in Leyte, I do not want to happen anywhere else. And Judy Taguiwalo to me was a blessing from the heavens. Where Dinky was greedy, Judy was magnanimous and understanding. Where Dinky put herself above others, Judy put others above self,” Chu wrote comparatively.

    Chu further emphasized her disappointment and frustration over CA’s recent ruling which led to her depression. She even mentioned how “pitiful” Philippines would become if ever a Dinky Soliman is to supervise relief and crisis-mending operations.

    “And now she's gone. Just like that. I am seriously depressed that I got sick. I got sick, guys. I'm having chills and my body is so spent. I'm coming down with something…This disappointment is so hard to swallow. Imagine, a Dinky Soliman heading relief operations if and when Manila gets struck by the Big One. Hindi natin kakayanin,” Chu asserted.

    Furthering her speculations, Chu criticized our current lawmakers particularly those involved in the rejection of Taguiwalo’s appointment claiming that it should’ve not been the case given the current crisis in Marawi. According to her, it is highly inappropriate and ineffective for the DSWD to instantly change its administration amidst a crucial terrorism crisis in Mindanao.

    “Isipin ninyo, may evacuee problem sa Marawi ngayon. Nakaya ng mga putang inang lawmakers na yan na mag change admin sa DSWD habang 4,800 families ang dapat inaasikaso sa Marawi. ANO BA. ANO BA ANG GUSTO NINYO,” she claimed.

    Chu also touched briefly on COMELEC Commissioner Bautista’s controversy and his refusal to vacate his chairmanship in the COMELEC which only makes the scenario worse. Conclusively, Chu affirmed that as public servants, our lawmakers particularly those comprising the CA committee must be pro-people and considerate. But since they are obviously not, Chu highlighted that indeed the Philippines need to change its system. As how she had put it on her Facebook post:

    “Too much. Our lawmakers have forgotten they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and should listen to our clamor. We really need to change the system…Tapos andyan pa si Andy Bautista. Na ubod ng sinungaling at ayaw mag resign,” Krizette Laureta Chu ended.

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