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    Monday, August 7, 2017

    Krizette Chu lambasted LP on Andres Bautista's ill-gotten wealth: "Mga p*tang*na niyo LP"

    Recently, news regarding the P1 Billion worth of ill-gotten wealth of Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista proliferated over the mass media and on the internet. The controversy sprang up after Paz Bautista, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista’s wife, revealed the anomaly to the public herself.

    In reaction to the so-called “hot issue”, Krizette Laureta Chu, a distinguished writer and an out-spoken pro-Duterte critic, published a particular Facebook post where she expressed her utmost frustration and condemnation to the Liberal Party and its members.

    According to Chu’s post, Liberal Party was the one that granted to Bautista the P1 Billion worth of “bribe money” as a means to assure Leni Robredo’s vice presidential victory in 2016. Chu also speculated that portions of the money came from the unliquidated Yolanda funds.

    “P1 billion. I am so sure that if Andy cannot effectively explain the source of his money, then part of the money that went to paying off Andres Bautista and others is money from Yolanda donors. What else? Where else? San kinulimbat ang pera na ganyan kalaki?” Chu initiated her post.

    The writer also cussed at the above-mentioned political party pointing out their unjustified blabbering about the numerous “extra-judicial killings” [EJK] under Duterte administration when in fact, the true crooks were them [Liberal Party stalwarts and members].

    “Mga p*tang*na niyo LP. Ang gagaling ninyo sa EJK EJK eh kayo ang totoong kriminal. Strike a plea deal with Bautista. Ask him who gave him P1 billion pesos and for what. In exchange for jail time, the heads of LP, and Leni Robredo, who should vacate her seat ASAP. It took more than 1 billion (because P1billion is for Bautista alone) to make you VP, you useless woman. KAYA PALA KAPIT TUKO KAYO. KAYA PALA PARA KAYONG MGA ASONG UL*L,” Chu expressed in her post.

    “P*WTANG INA, LENI DEFENDERS! Linoko kayo sa dramang PISO PISO PARA KAY LENI! Eh Kaya naman bigyan si Bautista ng billions!” Chu added pointing another blasphemous remark, this time, to Leni Robredo’s defenders.

    Concluding her post, Krizette Laureta Chu expressed her gratitude to President Rodrgio Duterte whose efforts and dedication to his mandate as the Chief Executive of the country led to the exposé of several LP driven schemes and anomalies.

    “Dear God, glory to you. Thank You for Duterte and thank You for exposing the dirt of LP, which is a long time coming,” Chu stated.

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