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    Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    International Lawyer on Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog's questionable mansion: "Wow, mas malaki pa sa bahay namin"

    Atty. Paula Defensor Knack, an International Law expert and sister of the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, recently published a Facebook post on Wednesday that revolves around the questionable mansion property of Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog.

    “PAANO NAGKAROON NG MANSION SI MABILOG ?” Atty. Paula Defensor Knack initially questioned.

    Further establishing her claims, the International Law expert then posed two significant questions still wary of the mayor’s luxurious mansion along the Iloilo River. Speculating on the mayor’s source of revenues aside from his mayoralty honorarium, Atty. Knack explained that Mabilog’s family was then “not rich”. Atty. Knack also pointed out the incredible rise of Mayor Mabilog’s annual net worth as supported by his SALN.

    Atty Knack’s questions were as follows:


    2. How was he able to build a mansion? Does he have any registered business? How come I grew up and studied in Iloilo and never heard they were rich? Wasn't the clearing of the river banks a project of Drilon and then an Esplanade worth P90 million for beautification is now the front of Mabilog's house ?

    The Ombudsman-Visayas said Mabilog’s net worth as indicated in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) increased from P7.37 million in 2004 to P9.711 million in 2005. It rose to P16.51 million in 2006 and spiked to P44.45 million in 2007.”

    Also, affixed in Atty Knack’s Facebook post was a photo containing her additional sentiments on the issue. 

    The text on the photo reveals how Atty. Knack and the criticized Mayor were connected claiming that they once studied in the same school. Atty. Knack even compared their family’s lack of luxurious mansion as Mabilog’s albeit the fact that they were all highly paid professionals. 

    The text on the attached photo reads:

    Jed Mabilog was my schoolmate, but his brother was my classmate. They weren't rich then. When I saw his current mansion, my first reaction was: "Wow, mas malaki pa sa bahay namin, senadora at heneral na kapatid ko, may 2 pa samin na professionals abroad."

    Then i noticed, his mansion was near a river where another powerful person had squatters removed for his project.

    As former DENR ASec for Lands, I want to see the land maps of this area, since it is beside a big river. I don't remember a house that big in the area when I was growing up in Iloilo. How did he acquire the property?” Atty. Knack speculated conclusively.

    Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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