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    Saturday, August 19, 2017

    International Law Expert: "The family of Andres Bautista will need many lawyers"

    From the perspective of an International Law Expert seasoned and experienced on dealing with cases involving foreign remittances issue, Paula Defensor Knack, also the sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, claimed that COMELEC Commissioner Andres Bautista’s defense team will surely have a hard time perfecting or at least, concretizing his defense.

    According to Knack, Bautista’s party should need a lot of lawyers to defend him given the complexity and ramifications on his alleged P1 Billion worth of ill-gotten wealth which he and his lawyers were obliged to defend in an accurate and veracious way possible. That however does not come easy. As how Atty. Knack had put it in her post:

    “The family of Andres Bautista will need many lawyers…When Sen. Miriam presided in Senate investigations involving corporations, I used to feed her information corporate lawyers are trained to give to litigation lawyers. It was easy to catch false testimonies by mastering the documents that should be filed involving foreign remittances and local income. The family of Andres will need A LOT OF DOCUMENTS. Good luck with that and with THEIR DATES!”

    Also, the International Law expert gave Bautista’s party a heads up by posing several significant questions that are likely to be asked during litigations in court. Knack’s questions were as follows: 

    “1. If Martin Bautista is the treasurer of the family, did he comply with the Inward Remittance Law?

    2. Of the 32 passbooks, only 1 is the joint account of Andres and Patricia, 1 is in the name of the sister, 30 are in the names of the parents. DO THE PARENTS AND SISTER HAVE TAX DECLARATIONS FOR THESE?

    3. What is the source of income of the parents that amounted to almost P1 billion at the time the accounts were opened at a rural bank?

    4. Why didn't Andres disclose his business interests in writing as a gov't. official, if indeed the monies come from business?” Atty. Knack ended.

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