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    Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    Former ABS-CBN reporter condemns CHR’s hypocrisy and bigotry

    Every person is valuable. And by that, we mean each and every person’s life matters indiscriminately. Every life is as equally valuable and worthy. And by putting someone’s death in the limelight over others, an entity had manifested prejudice and bigotry. By failing to give equal attention to every death regardless of the perpetrators of the crime, that person makes him or herself a hypocrite.

    That was the core message embodied in a Facebook post published by the Radyo Inquirer broadcaster, Ira Panganiban. In his post, the broadcaster laid out a significant premise that clarifies one of the biggest questions of today: Why should police officers killing drug addicts be more of an issue that those innocent deaths caused by the drug addicts themselves?

    “By separating the issue of who killed who, are we not trivializing one death over another?...Because for those victimized by drug addicts, killed and raped by them, there should be lesser outrage as compared to those killed by cops?” Panganiban questioned speculatively.

    Emphasizing that killing, regardless of other considerations, is still killing, the broadcaster pointed out that each and every murder should be taken with similar intensity and attention.

    “Killing is killing. Murder is murder. And they should all and always be condemned as intensely each and every incident…Wag niyo gawin excuse yung palusot ng CHR na tao lang sa gobyerno ang responsibilidad nila. Na may kapangyarihang inaabuso ang mga pulis at militar at gobyerno.” Ira Panganiban stated criticizing the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for their irrational defense and argument.

    Further explaining his side, the former ABS-CBN journalist/reporter wrote that:

    “Every time someone kills someone, they abused their power over other people. Just like cops or soldiers, they reneged in their responsibility over their neighbor and abused their victim.”

    “Para lang maipagtanggol ang posisyon ninyo ipipilit ninyo na mas importante ang buhay ng isa over another life?” Panganiban added claiming that the discrimination over victims’ death is caused by CHR officials’ greed to sustain their power and authority.

    “To say that the massacred family in Bulacan deserves more attention than Kian, and vice versa, is an insult to the life and memory of all of them. It is also an insult to the very concept of Human Rights you all profess to uphold….When you argue this way you become a hypocrite and a bigot. Because all life is sacred, not just those you wish to use as propaganda.” Panganiban ended conclusively.

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