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    Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Fearless Lawyer to Andres Bautista: "I am pretty sure he will be impeached"

    The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) under the chairmanship of Commissioner Andres Bautista has been facing a considerably huge blunder. The controversy sprang up after Chairman Bautista’s wife, Patricia, revealed through an officially filed affidavit before the NBI the anomalous P1 Billion worth of wealth and property under her husband’s name.

    A week after the big revelation, people and critics are still hyped by the anomaly and are consistently expressing their thoughts and two-cents on the issue. One of whom is Atty. Bruce V. Rivera. In his Facebook account, Rivera expressed his take on the issue through a particular post.

    In the said post, Rivera pointed out one particular aspect of the fraudulent exposé. According to him, it is really likely for Commissioner Bautista to step down and vacate his position. Otherwise, he will face a horrendous impeachment trial which would obviously scrutinize, not only on his fraud allegations, but on his personal (sexual) profile as well.

    Either way, Rivera asserted that the major concern is not Bautista’s accountabilities and sanctions. Rather, it is whether or not 2016 election results were compromised by the COMELEC under his watch. There might also be a big possibility, according to Rivera, for Bautista to reveal and testify against the real culprits of this scheme. According to him, Bautista can probably turn the tables upside down if he decides to testify. If so, culprits will be punished accordingly. Also, everyone who obtained their position deceitfully thru cheating must withdraw and those who were compromised and disadvantaged should claim what was rightfully theirs.

    Rivera’s post reads:

    “The revelation of the unexplained wealth of COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista has not only shocked the nation but it made an angry citizenry responsible for electing Duterte call for his impeachment.

    Oh well, I am pretty sure he will be impeached. The Liberal Party, in their quest to impeach CJ Corona laid down a juridical antecedent that made sure he will be impeached. And I think he will resign rather than subject himself to the public travails of an impeachment where his sexual exploits will be discussed without impunity. Also, who in the present crop of Senators would attempt to defend him and vote not to impeach him therefore commiting political suicide. Hence, they will have to beg him to step down.

    But that is not the real controversy. Will we charge him of plunder or RA 3019 which carries with it stiff jail terms? After all, he received money by virtue of his office.


    If some of the present incumbent officials gave him money to effect fraud, then heads must roll. And rectification must be made.

    I am not just talking about the BBM and Leni debacle but I am talking about the Senatorial races and the question of vote padding.

    In a just society, we should let those who actually won the elections be able to serve. And if Chairman Bautista wants to save his legacy and make his boys proud of him, then he should set things right. After all, he just played with the Devil. He is not the Devil.”

    Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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