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    Thursday, August 3, 2017

    EXPOSED: The conspiracy to remove Faeldon from Customs?

    Eric Clark Su, an award winning essayist, published in his Facebook account another speculative post that elaborates on the possible scheme to be utilized and applied by huge Chinese smugglers and illegal drug traders whose operations are greatly affected and hampered by the reforms and new programs implemented by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) under the supervisory of Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon.

    The said post analytically enumerates a 10-stage conspiracy process to oust Commissioner Faeldon from office leading to the success and resumption of the smuggling and illegal trading operations of several foreign and local businessmen in the country.

    The conspiracy which involves 10 basic steps was expressed as follows:

    1. Chinese smugglers and drug traders (CULPRITS) are getting hit by Faeldon's reforms at BOC. Losing over BILLIONS every month.
    2. Culprits pay off a bunch of corrupt BOC personnels and officials (still so many there) of a plan to smuggle drugs. A big one so it’s astounding!
    3. "Tip off" authorities. 
    4. Pay off congressmen to act fast and bring it to a conclusion that Faeldon resigns.
    5. Pay off a PR firm to have an angle on Faeldon and have some journalists and socmed groups seed the channels.
    6. Hope Pro-Duterte groups echo it and spread it. Making the clamor to have him removed be deafening.
    7. Senators and other lawmakers get sucked into a crowd mentality and pile on. Not knowing it’s all orchestrated.
    8. PRRD is convinced and fires Faeldon or Faeldon quits in frustration.
    9. Influence the next likely candidate. And put him in your pocket before he gets appointed.
    10. Culprits profit again.

    It is important to note that essayist Eric Clark Su involved several key players in the said conspiracy-theory. Some of which, involves the members and high-ranking personnel of the Bureau of Customs under Commissioner Faeldon, authorities which refers to police and security officers, law-makers, the media, etc. The interplay of these basic players results in the so-called removal of Faeldon from the BOC which consequently grants freedom and liberty to illegal traders and smugglers to resume operation.

    While it may be true that Faeldon remains earnest in his mandate to better the services and policies of the Bureau of Customs, the fact also remains that the so-called culprits (referred by Su to be Chinese smugglers and drug traders), are also on the move to turn the tables to their advantage.

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