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    Monday, August 7, 2017

    DSWD ASec: Andres Bautista should resign if he had any honor and shame left

    In connection to the controversial affidavit submitted by Patricia Bautista against her husband, current Comelec Commissioner Andres Bautista, Dr. Lorraine Marie Badoy- current DSWD Assistant Secretary published a specific Facebook post that speculates on the so-called “ill-gotten wealth” issue concerning the COMELEC chief.

    It can be noted that in the said affidavit submitted by Mrs. Bautista to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) last week, she revealed the anomalous wealth of the Comelec Chairman amounting to approximately P1 Billion justified by several passbooks and documents under Commissioner Andres Bautista’s name.

    For that instance, supporters of the Comelec chief bruited about the alleged “monetary extortion scheme” of Mrs. Patricia Bautista against her husband. Founded on these speculations, Dr. Badoy in her post expressed her sentiments and pointed out what should really matter in this issue through a series of rhetorical questions.

    Dr. Badoy’s post reads:

    “Does it matter if Tish Bautista fell in love with someone else and had an affair? Nope. None of our fekkin’ business.

    In fact, even if she had a million affairs, all that’s none of our business.

    Does it matter if she’s doing this to extort money from her husband? Nope.

    (And isn't a wife entitled to half her spouse's assets? Lawyers in the audience, can a wife extort money from her husband?)

    If indeed, she has billions to extort from him, what we ought to be focusing on are the billions. Where’d they come from?

    Does it matter if the COMELEC Commissioner likes his sex funky? Nope. Our best of luck to you, sir. Mazel tov!”

    Continuing her post, the DSWD Asec further posed questions emphasizing the obligation of Commissioner Andres Bautista as a public official to answer, in a most accurate and veracious way possible.

    Otherwise, Dr. Badoy implied that it is appropriate for Bautista to resign given the intensity of the controversy he is into.

    “Does it matter that he has wealth over and beyond what we would reasonably expect from someone in his station of life? Yes.

    Why? Because he is a public official.

    Does he owe us a clear explanation? Yes. A million times yes.

    Should someone, tasked to oversee the integrity of our elections, resign because his reputation is no longer beyond reproach?


    Dr. Badoy conclusively ended, urging Comelec Commissioner Andres Bautista to voluntarily vacate his position-that is, if he still has any sense of honor and integrity in him.

    "If Commissioner Andres Bautista had any honor, any shame left in him, he should resign. NOW,” Dr. Badoy stated.

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