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    Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    Drilon’s controversial take on Kian’s case revealed?

    University of Sto. Tomas alumnus Mark Lopez recently published a Facebook post wary of Senator Franklin Drilon’s remarks and sentiments regarding the Kina delos Santos’ case during a Senate hearing last Thursday, August 24. 

    Describing the senator as wily and “worthless”, Lopez focused on the sensationalized statements of Senator Drilon during the said senate hearing. 

    According to Lopez, Drilon claimed that Kian’s case is not about the president’s proclaimed drug war. Rather, a blatant issue of extra-judicial killing of a minor by police authorities.

    “Ok, so let's play along with what Franklin Drilon oh so dramatically highlighted in the Senate hearing yesterday on the Kian Delos Santos case….Ever the wily and BS trapo, Drilon said that the case is not about the anti-drug campaign but an extra judicial killing of a teenager by the police.” Lopez initially explained.

    Wanting to elucidate things on this matter, Lopez further establish the premise of his concern and explained:

    “Let's assume he is correct….So the question is --- did the 3 policemen went there JUST TO KILL? On whose orders?"

    Certainly not the state nor the president because the standing order is to destroy the illegal drug apparatus.

    Seriously, am trying to understand the motivation of the 3 policemen in gunning down a teenager. Again if its about drugs, there are certainly more suspects out there who are certified drug users/pushers.

    But why an innocent-looking and helpless teen? What made them to drag him and shoot him? Are they that casually trigger happy? Or did they do it because there was an incentive?

    The key to this is to get the 3 policemen to talk, or to check their background. Where were these 3 cops assigned before? Do they have links to politicians in Caloocan? We really have to dig deep as to why would they do such an act.

    Lopez also speculated, that if Kian’s case is truly a concern of extra-judicial killing, then soliciting answers from the cops involved in the operation is hereby required.

    “If as Drilon implies that it is EJK, and that it is immaterial that Kian is a drug mule or runner, then we should determine the real motive of the cops in taking him out brutally.” Lopez claimed.

    Lopez also speculated on Drilon’s abrupt dismissal of the drug angle, thinking that the senator perhaps must have known something for him to make a sudden assertion. And if the killing of the 17 year-old boy is truly an EJK concern, it is only rightful as how Lopez sees it, to establish the real motive behind the boy’s death.

    “Does Drilon know something that we don't for him to assert and outrightly dismiss the drug angle?
    If the intent is to randomly kill, who would stand to benefit, especially if this is blown up in media as murder most foul?...See what you did there Senator?” Lopez ended.

    Source: Mark Lopez

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