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    Thursday, August 3, 2017

    DLSU Professor slams Liberal Party: 'What is wrong with these LP people?'

    “What is wrong with these LP people?”

    That was the question posed by De La Salle University History Professor Van Ybiernas, an outspoken supporter of the Duterte administration, in one of his recent Facebook posts.

    In the said write-up, Ybiernas criticized the opposition particularly the Liberal Party (LP) for its wrongful and undue inquisition on the lack of casualty among the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who 

    manned the bloody Ozamiz City operation which resulted to the death of City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, his wife, two children, and other civilians.

    “I understand their game-plan is to show that there was no encounter as the younger Parojinog claims, and that the elder Parojinog and others were liquidated. Naiintindihan ko yung part na yan. Siyempre supporter nila at malamang e financial contributor pa ang mga Parojinog, kaya kailangan full support ang mga drug lord coddlers na ito na taga LP,” Ybiernas claimed pointing out the possibility that the Liberal Party might be coddling the “notorious” family.

    What seems illogical and absurd, according to Van Ybiernas was the unjustified comment of several LP-affiliated officials regarding the zer-casualty among the PNP during the bloody encounter. Triggered by the fatuity of their inquisition, Ybiernas expressed his frustration to the Liberal Party. 

    “Pero ang di ko maintindihan ay ang mga komento ng mga ulol na bakit walang casualty ang mga pulis? Ayan na naman e! Ayaw ko na nga magmura pero tanginang gagong yan! Gusto pala talaga e malagasan ng buhay ang kapulisan! Ang expectation pala ay tuwing may operation dapat may patay na pulis! Anong kaputanginahan ito?” Prof. Van Ybiernas claimed enraged.

    Ybiernas also emphasized that the police force is doing their best to defend and secure the country and hoping for their death during every encounter is absolutely unjustified and absurd. With that, Ybiernas concluded that something in this situation is wrong.

    “Seriously! Buhay ang itinataya ng mga pulis para maubos ang masasamang loob tapos may mga senador na gustong mamatay sila tuwing may operation! Something is unbelievably off here and it's not the dead drug lords!” the DLSU professor concluded.

    Source: Van Ybiernas

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