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    Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista’s brother Martin committed perjury?

    In the heights of COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista’s ill-gotten wealth controversy, anomalies and discrepancies concerning his close relatives and family members, particularly his brother Dr. Martin Bautista were unavoidably brought up. 

    One of those highly respected critics who pointed out a significant wrongdoing of the poll commissioner’s brother was Antonio P. Contreras. He is a profound writer/journalist at the Manila Times and is also a distinguished political analyst.

    In his post, Contreras claimed that Dr. Martin Bautista, then a 2007 senatorial candidate, had willfully and intentionally committed “perjury”. 

    “DR. MARTIN BAUTISTA PERJURED HIS 2007 CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY (COC) WHEN HE RAN FOR THE SENATE.” Contreras emphasized in his recent Facebook post.

    The political analyst then gave a brief background on the issue by claiming that Martin Bautista is unqualified to run for the senate given that he does not satisfy the 2-year residency requirement for aspiring senatorial candidates given that he had permanently settled in US since 1996. 

    “Dr. Martin Bautista, brother of Andres Bautista, is a Permanent Resident in the US since 1996. He ran for the Senate first in 2007,” Contreras claimed.

    “He declared in the COC that at the time of filing he was a resident of the Philippines for 2 years by May 2007, which is the minimum requirememt for Senator,” Contreras added followed by a contrasting statement which was ironically given by Martin Bautista himself.

    “Yet, in an online interview with Socmed bloggers, he said that he only began residing again in the Philippines in 2006, which will give him only at most one year of residency,” Contreras cited pointing out that there is indeed an irregularity over Martin Bautista’s Philippine residency issues.

    Moreover, Contreras mentioned Bautista’s refusal to submit his green card, which as a law requirement for any political candidate with foreign nationality issues. His following statement regarding this matter would then imply that he indeed hid some discrepancy in his own discretion. And in what way? Conteras claimed perhaps thru perjury.

    “I would have surrendered it had I won," Bautista said.

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