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    Thursday, August 10, 2017

    A heartfelt message for Tisha Bautista: "A grateful nation awaits you"

    With the recent controversy faced by Commission on Elections chairman Andres Bautista regarding his P1 Billion worth of ill-gotten wealth, people particularly the netizens cannot help but consider the poll commissioner’s anomalous wealth acquisition as a result of the works of the Liberal Party.

    Notwithstanding the defensive propaganda employed by the opposition to allegedly cover-up their blunder, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy-DSWD Assistant Secretary and a daughter of an ex-COMELEC commissioner, published a specific post in Facebook that ridicules the Liberal Party vis a vis her commendations and expressions of gratefulness both to Patricia Bautista and President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Dr. Lorraine portrayed the oligarchs as the blatant culprit behind this fraudulent case. As how she had put it on her post:

    “That [referring to the controversy] is a megaton bomb with such far-reaching and damning consequences to the Liberal Party…[who are] the sleaziest, phoniest, most self-serving group of political whores I have ever come across and who care nothing for country but just their petty political ambitions.”

    “This is the battle to defeat the biggest traitors to country—those who have taken a vow to serve us with fidelity and yet who would try with all their might to subvert the will of the Filipino people through the ballot and then install in position some of the country’s worst, least qualified candidates.
    And for no other reason than their insatiable lust for power and money,” Badoy added emphasizing the negative characteristics of the major opposition force.

    The DSWD Asec also spoke good words addressed not to the oligarchs but to the hardworking, diligent, and dedicated Chief Executive of the country, President Duterte. Badoy affirmed Patricia that her decision to personally meet with Duterte to disclose the anomalous wealth of her husband is a noble act which the president surely appreciates and will take seriously and vigilantly.

    “Tish [referring to Mrs. Bautista], how right you were in bringing this to President Duterte… he will have your back… The President chose for himself this song-- “Ipaglalaban Ko”. That’s the President’s personal myth—Protector and Defender of Filipinos--the story he tells himself about who he is—not because he is some vain peacock who struts around but because he has traveled long and wide and knows quite well who he is now and what he’s about. And he is no longer backing down but is going on full throttle to get our country on high ground…Duterte chose to run for president because he wants the abuse of the Filipino people to stop,” Badoy wrote fervently. 

    In addition, the DSWD ASec also gave some piece of advice to Mrs. Patricia Bautista whom she characterized as a brave and dignified woman. 

    “The battle you fight runs alongside the battle we Filipinos must fight and win… Chin up, Tish. You have taught your children so well by this one singular act of courage. You were right in saying “You pick courage not bec it’s easy but because it is worth it.”… You have chosen the harder, more torturous path," Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy wrote.

    "A lot of women married to powerful assholes choose to keep their heads down for fear of the possible repercussions of going against a jerk with political, financial clout.You have chosen to get out from under the shadow of a powerful man,” Badoy stated complimenting the poll commissioner’s wife for her boldness.

    “Let me tell you what I know so well because there have been times in my life when my life and the lives of my husband and children were at risk because of truths I spoke: the President has your back. You will need to hold on to that courage that you clearly have. But yes, he has your back…So do all of us who no longer need the services of the most self-absorbed politicos who have no understanding nor any desire to truly serve the Filipino people…Step into the light, Tish….A grateful nation awaits you,” Badoy ended conclusively.

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