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    Monday, July 24, 2017

    TV Host commends Duterte after facing SONA protesters: "A President of all"

    President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday, July 24, 2017, delivered his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) where he touched on several l controversial issues the country has been facing. Shortly after his speech, the president willingly faced the protesters who were rallying simultaneously during his SONA. The unexpected incident then garnered a lot of criticisms-both positive and negative from the public.

    One of those who expressed his appreciation to the president’s humble and earnest act of facing his people who are blatantly against him and his administration was Mike Acebedo Lopez. Lopez is a political communications professional, a TV host and a former columnist.

    In his Facebook post, Lopez acknowledged Duterte’s sincerity in addressing the needs and demands of his people regardless of their ideologies, whether or not they are pro-administration.

    “The President faced the protesters because even if he has the support of over 80% of Filipinos, he knows that he is President not just of those who love him, that he wears the flag of the Republic on his lapel, close to his heart, not some stupid yellow symbol that sows division,” Lopez claimed criticizing the opposition.

    Following his post, Lopez continued with his compliments to the President stating that, unlike any other previous presidents, Duterte has distinctively established himself as a leader who, aside from garnering immense support from the senate, the congress, and from the people, opted to also attend or reach out to those who are against him.

    “A President of all, he left the comforts of the echo chamber that has become of that hall, filled to the brim with his supporters, save for a sparse spattering of opposition shit heads obviously overwhelmed by the enormity of the support he enjoys from both houses, and he dared face those who don't like him to reach out to them as any leader worth his salt should,” Lopez wrote in his post.

    And while Duterte received disrespect and contempt from the protesters during the encounter, what matters most according to Lopez was the “goodwill” manifested by the president through his actions and behaviors.

    “That they jeered at him and showed no respect is immaterial. What is important to me is the goodwill our President chose to extend to those who do not understand him. Not the selfish oligarchs and their media, or the Yellows who fight for political survival, but the clueless underprivileged shamelessly used and brainwashed by an extremist ideology for far too long,” Lopez asserted contrasting the difference between oligarchs and the underprivileged people.

    Concluding his post, Lopez wrote a simple yet appreciative remark addressed to Duterte:

    “The President gets that and so he tries to reach out to them. And that's why he is President, not some elitist, entitled snob,” Lopez ended.

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