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    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    LOOK: Senator Grace Poe wants jail for execs behind P3.8-B worth of unusable trains

    During a phone interview with DZMM last Thursday, Senator Grace Poe urged the government to pursue charges against several transportation officials who are responsible for purchasing a P3.8 billion worth of trains which until now, remains useless and unusable.

    “Ang laki na ng nagastos natin diyan. Sana naman iyung sinasabing pagbabago, hindi lang limitado sa iilang bagay. Iyung mga talagang nangurakot, ikulong at hindi pakawalan,” Senator Poe said in the interview.

    It can be recalled that three years ago, the Aquino administration made a deal with China’s Dailan Locomotive and purchased 48 trains in the light of improving and bettering our country’s transport systems, specifically the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) who according to statistics, is being used by roughly half a million passengers on a daily basis.

    The newly purchased train units however, remained unutilized because of several issues. According to Undersecretary for the Rail Sector, Cesar Chavez, the trains require a signaling system and they lack safety certification from an independent third party.

    Poe, being the current chairperson of the Senate committee on public services, assured that she ought to request for a legislative probe and conduct necessary investigation regarding the issue.

    The senator also named former Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya as one of the prospect individuals who will be summoned during the anticipated senate hearing. Abaya, according to Poe’s statement, was the one who approved the deal with Dailan.

    “Ang kalihim mismo, hindi dapat makalusot. Alam ko siya rin ang pumayag d’yan dahil siya ang nakaupo – si Secretary Abaya. Siyempre kailangan kong ipatawag,” Poe said in the said interview.

    The senator also mentioned that Abaya should explain what happened to the trains given that he is the one 
    who was behind it. Moroever, Poe even claimed that by causing the public inconvenience and trouble, Abaya deserves no right to rest.

    “Pasensya na kung retired na kayo ngayon at nagpapahinga kayo, pero iyung ginawa ninyong perwisyo sa ating mge kababayan, you don’t deserve to have a rest. Kailangan niyong ieksplika kung anong nangyari d’yan,” the senator stated.

    In the end of the phone conversation, Poe claimed that her Senate committee will surely draft a recommendation on the filing of necessary charges against the convicted transportation officials after a thorough investigation had been made.

    Source: ABS-CBN News

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