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    Thursday, July 20, 2017

    Retired Airforce General to Trillanes: "Fly him over Marawi and push him out over ISIS territory"

    “This fellow [referring to Senator Antonio Trillanes] has a daily habit of shooting himself in the mouth.” - Rafael Alunan III

    That was the affirmation given out by Mr. Rafael Alunan III, a former DILG Secretary and retired Airforce General, in one of his Facebook posts published recently. In the said post, Alunan slammed the senator for his inconsiderate, fallacious, and groundless remarks against the president’s intent to extend the martial law period in Mindanao.

    The issue sprang up after Trillanes expressed his sentiments regarding martial law extension in which he is blatantly wary or unconvinced of. 

    “The people of Mindanao would be inconvinienced by martial law just to neutralize the 60 Mautes who are concerned in Marawi?” Trillaned claimed.

    With this in mind, Trillanes further emphasized that extending martial law will be nothing but just a “whimsical misuse of power”.

    Those awful remarks outspoken by the senator triggered Alunan to comment and express his thoughts and criticisms against Trillanes. Alunan, displeased by Trillanes remarks claimed that it would be better for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to personally send Trillanes to the battle ground so he would be aware of how tumultuous the Marawi crisis is.

    “Perhaps SOCOM should grab him by his pants and belt, strap on him a parachute, fly him over Marawi and push him out over ISIS territory,” Alunan claimed.

    The former DILG Secretary also added, “If he comes out of it alive, grab him again by his pants and belt and bring him to the cemeteries bearing the dead soldiers who died trying to liberate Marawi, and to all the hospitals caring for the wounded.”

    Alunan also implied that if only Trillanes was able to experience the crisis first hand and if only he was there to face the bereaved families of the fallen soldiers witnessing the outcries of Mindanaoans who have been terrified and victimized of Maute terrorism, he surely wouldn’t have the balls to give such comments.

    “Finally, grab him once more by his pants and belt, and let him face the families of the slain and the wounded, observed by Mindanaoans whose lives are on the line or in harm's way, and get him to repeat what he said,” Alunan stated.

    The retired Airforce General also claimed how socially insignificant Senator Trillanes has become and his how his comments and remarks help diminish his remaining dignity and worth.

    “This odious fellow should not be given air time or print space. He's a vexation to the spirit with no redeeming social value,” Rafael Alunan III emphasized.

    “Sayang ka Sen. Trillanes. You could have been a fine officer and a gentleman but not even most of your peers think so,” he ended.

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