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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Prominent Doctor: Duterte had caused the Filipino people to unite


    That was the claim of Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a prominent doctor and the current Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Assistant Secretary, which was enclosed in one of her Facebook post published on Friday.

    In the said post entitled “Kapit Bisig”, Dr. Badoy laid out her two cents regarding the so-called rumors against Duterte speculating that the president, ever since he assumed office, had caused so much turbulence on the country and had therefore divided the Filipino people.

    “Since this President sat in office, I’ve heard this often—“We are so divided!” Meron pang ganito, “I hate this man! He has divided us so much!” I even had someone blame the President for all his woes in life. Dudes, pati love life nya. Ang sungit na daw nya eversince this President sat in office that he and his wife keep fighting. It’s real comical how adults refuse to be adults and own their lives,” wrote Dr. Lorraine.

    Acknowledging that there is actually a “divisiveness” during the initial months of Duterte’s rule as Philppine president, Badoy claimed in her post that it’s no longer the case. Citing the president high approval rating as a concrete justification of her claim, Badoy wrote:

    “This divisiveness might have been true in the few months of the Duterte presidency but I don’t think it’s true now…I look at the President’s approval rating –the one where he just peaked—and I see UNITY. NOT DIVISION," the DSWD ASec affirmed.

    Pointing out the audacious noise we have been hearing over the web wary of the President to be masterminded and induced by Duterte’s adversaries, Badoy explained that this conflict had prevented the Philippines from developing dramatically unlike other ASEAN countries.

    “I think the noise we hear online is noise manufactured by the powerful enemies this President has made when he took on what other presidents didn’t have the brains, brawns and balls to take on. So now his enemies are the biggest shits who pulled us down as a country so our ASEAN neighbors were taking off and flying like kites all over us while we remained stuck in the dark pits of hell,” Dr. Lorraine asserted.

    Among those who were named and specified by Badoy to be the big-time enemies of the current administration were:

    1. International drug cartels that had insinuated itself in all parts of our lives—from our highest officials (Hello Leila! Kaway kaway!) down to the barangay level , from the men who drove our buses, taxis, tricycles to people we let into our homes to care for our children,

    2. The oligarchs who ruled over us for such a long long time, you get to even read about them in the writings of Jose Rizal, etc.;

    3. The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that has not only our bodies chained but more dangerous,—our minds, hearts and souls, lastly;

    4. The former colonial master: US of A.

    Dr. Lorraine Badoy also affirmed that Duterte albeit the black propaganda manned and authored by Duterte’s enemies, he and his administration remain to be “victorious” putting his enemies in a more dire situation.

    “And each day that he sits in office, they lose even more….Some millions. Some billions. And all of them have lost fearful ignorant slaves--us!...And so they fight back. And that’s the Unseen Hand making all these ruckus. All these noise, this manufactured noise," stated Dr. Lorraine.

    She added, “But I see something else too, I see a united people pushing back and saying NO. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS TO OUR COUNTRY. We see what our President is doing for us and we give our thumbs up to it. And each day that he sits in office, we are getting better.” 

    Dr. Lorraine Badoy reckoned that indeed President Duterte had caused the Filipino people to unite-not divide.

    “That’s what I think the President’s soaring approval numbers mean: UNITY. NOT DIVISION,” she concluded.

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