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    Tuesday, July 4, 2017

    Papansin lang! Pimintel hits back to Trillanes over 'coward', 'puppets' remarks

    Shortly after Senator Antonio Trillanes IV tagged his colleagues in the senate as “puppets” of the Duterte administration, several criticisms sprang out speculative, not only of Trillanes’ awful remarks but also of his “unpleasant” nature.

    One of the notable critics who refuted Trillanes’ claims was Senate President Aquilino “Kiko” Pimentel III.

    In his statement, Pimentel acknowledged Trillanes’ hunger for media attention. The fact that Trillanes ralways ought to revive issues that had lalready subsided, proves this description.

     “I’ve heard that before a number of times. Why revive it just for him to be in the news?” Pimentel stated implying the “publicity-hungry” nature of Senator Trillanes.

    Senator Tito Sotto, also did not absolve himself from commenting to Trillanes’ unfavorable remarks to the senate of which Sotto is part of. In a statement given by Sotto to the reporters, he reminded Trillanes to watch his mouth and not to call the senators names.

    “I do not know his reasons for saying that. He should be careful in calling us names. Hindi ko sya papatulan sa ngayon,” Sotto stated in a text message sent to reporters.

    Also, Senator Panfilo Lacson had earlier expressed his sentiments against Trillanes and his accusation maligning his fellow senators. On his twitter account, Senator Lacson tweeted:

    “Calling his Senate colleagues “cowards” and “puppets” wholesale is the darnest thing a senator can do.” 

    All these criticisms arose after Trillanes, during a forum in Manila Hotel, said that the Senate, which is the last bastion of democracy, has become “lapdogs” of the Duterte administration. 

    Also in the same event, Trillanes, who remains to be the blatant critic of Duterte, had accused some of his fellow senators of being “cowards” for refusing to probe alleged anomalies in the administration.

    Source: Politiko

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