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    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    MUST READ: Lawyer explains the reinstatement of Supt. Marvin Marcos

    Attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Thursday published a post in her popular Facebook page called “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles” her two-cents regarding the controversial reinstatement of Police Superintendent Marvin Marcos.

    “Since maraming nagtatanong, himaymayin natin ang sinabi ng pangulo..” Cruz-Angeles started followed by a quotation of President Duterte’s statement regarding the controversy.

    "Sabi ko, 'Ibalik ninyo sa trabaho 'yang mama na 'yan.Wala naman duon yan eh. He was too far away here. He was not part of the raiding team," said Duterte in a speech on Wednesday.

    "Sabi nila, may kaso. And so? 'Yung kriminal, putang i*a sabihin mo presumption of innocence. Eh ang gobyerno hindi mo... Why is it that, that stupid rationale there na, 'alam mo, sir, yang kriminal buhayin mo because alam mo presumption of innocence’…Pagdating ng (sic) taga-gobyerno, ang putang ina, kug anu-ano na lang pagsasabihin ninyo. Tabla. What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose. Yung prisoner na Pilipino, ito namang opisyal na pulis Pilipino, bakit ibahin mo ang sitwasyon?" the President added.

    Given this remarks outspoken by the President, Atty. Cruz-Angeles expressed her conformity with Duterte’statement but only in part.

    “[I] agree with the president but only in part…Dalawa po ang kaso ni PSupt Marcos. Isang administrative case for grave misconduct at isang homicide case. Or at least DAPAT dalawa. Ang maliwanag pa lang base sa balita ay may criminal case sya,” Cruz-Angeles started explaining.

    The attorney then continued explaining that the suspension granted on Marcos is not a penalty but rather o form of “preventive suspension” as a means to assure that the police officer cannot meddle with the investigation to be conducted against him.

    “Sinuspinde si Marcos nuong isinampa ang kasong kriminal. Ang suspension na iyon ay hindi penalty, kundi preventive suspension. Ipinapatong ito para hindi sya makialam sa imbestigasyon laban sa kanya. Ito ay sa ilalim ng batas na RA 3019 o ang Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act,” Cruz-Angeles stated.

    Cruz-Angeles went on with her explanation claiming that after Marcos’ 3-month preventive suspension he can be reinstated to duty. The attorney also said that Marcos was never terminated from being a police officer simply because no “order of dismissal” was issued.

    “Tapos na daw ang preventive suspension na ito (90 days), at maaari na syang ma-reinstate sa trabaho. Tama po ang Pangulo…Hindi pa po kasi tapos ang kasong administrative sa kay Marcos (assuming na meron). At hindi pa rin sya na-arraign sa criminal case. Sa ngayon, pulis pa po sya. Hindi pa sya natatanggal sa trabaho dahil wala pang order of dismissal sa anumang kaso na naka hain sa kanya.”

    “In fact, hindi kailangan i-reinstate si Marcos, dahil hindi naman sya tanggal. Ang suspension nya at preventive at tapos na po ang period nito. Babalik talaga sya,” Cruz-Angeles added.

    Atty. Cruz-Angeles then explained why she does not totally agree with the President.

    Asserting that police superintendent Marcos was never turned down, Cruz-Angeles claimed that reinstatement is not the appropriate term to be used. Rather, according to her, it should be called “return to service”.

    “Saan ako nag disagree kay Pangulo? Reinstatement. Hindi po reinstatement yan. Return to active service from a preventive suspension lang po,” Cruz-Angeles ended.

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